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Gingrich Calls Obama’s Foreign Policy a “Fantasy”

Tuesday morning, former Speaker Gingrich questioned Obama for his pursuit of a nuclear free world and called this week’s nuclear summit a “charade” and an “absurdity.” Questioning the practicality of a nuclear-free world, Gingrich said:

“The relative advantage to the dictator would be so enormous [if no other country had nuclear weapons]. In a world where you know people cheat.  You know the Iranians have been cheating for twenty years… You are as likely to be wrong as you are right when dealing with secret programs. The Obama language isolates Israel while it achieves nothing with Iran.”

On a broader scale, Gingrich criticized the Obama foreign policy as naive and compared it to the inter-war period of the 1920s. “What you have is the fantasy foreign policy of the 1920s when you have the Kellogg-Briand Pact, and you actually have a general disarmament conference underway in Geneva the week Hitler was sworn in. It’s hard to believe how disengaged the diplomatic world was from reality. You’re seeing a similar pattern here. This entire charade this week is an absurdity in terms of the real world.”

The former speaker also confirmed support for Afghanistan and Hamid Karzai, and suggested that Afghanistan could eventually boom as South Korea did after the Korean War. “As late as 1960, Ghana and South Korea had the same per capita income,” Gingrich pointed out while comparing it to today’s strong economy.

Gingrich also suggested that the chances of “losing a city” to a nuclear weapon is now greater today than it was during the Cold War because of the risk of nuclear terrorism from suicide bombers.

Tristan Abbey has further coverage here.

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