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Georgetown Slides Deeper Into Depravity

On the heels of the nasty and embarrassing letter written by nearly 90 of its faculty members to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, Georgetown University has further beclowned itself by honoring Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, author of the abortifacient mandate that tramples religious liberty and particulary harms Catholic institutions such as Georgetown still technically but increasingly mendaciously claims to be, as the commencement speaker at the graduation ceremony of its Public Policy Institute.

So let me get this straight: Some 90 faculty members get nasty in supposed defense of Catholic teaching — teaching on a subject which, according to the Catholic Church itself, is interpretive, not definitive; advisory, not binding; and on which knowledgeable and erudite experts in the subject say the speaker is right and the faculty wrong — to insult an acclaimed speaker at a ceremony that does not necessarily imply that the university is bestowing an honor upon the speaker. But the same university invites a speaker at a ceremony, commencement, which by long tradition and universal understanding confers an honor upon the speaker by the very act of hosting said speaker — even though said speaker is the direct and primary mover behind a policy so radical, so extreme that the Catholic Church has directly, repeatedly, officially, overwhelmingly denounced as a direct threat not just to the church’s central teachings, to its very doctrine, but also to the church’s very ability to carry out its mission and indeed a threat to the church itself.

If 90 faculty members can protest a non-honorary speech by somebody who only arguable would violate interpretive church teaching, why aren’t they not just protesting but actually threatening to publicly demonstrate against honoring a speaker who is directly trampling upon central, doctrinal church theology and mission?

Fie on these false defenders of the faith. Fie on these hypocrites.

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