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For Progressives, Emotional Stability is More Important Than Life

Progressivism places emotion over even the dignity of life.

In Texas, a woman named Marlise Munoz lost consciousness right before Thanksgiving from a possible blood clot in her lungs, a pulmonary embolism. After a long period of oxygen deprivation, doctors pronounced her “brain dead” and placed her on life support.

Mrs. Munoz was 14 weeks pregnant when she lost the ability to breathe. According to ABC News, daily tests show a normal heartbeat within the baby.

Yet Mr. Erick Munoz states that his wife “never wanted to be kept alive by machine,” despite never signing a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) document.  

According to Texas law, doctors cannot withhold “life-sustaining treatment…from a pregnant patient” even with a signed DNR form. 

As a law, that seems reasonable for the sake of the baby’s life. After all, when a woman is pregnant with her husband’s baby, such a drastic measure of withholding life support actively destroys the life of another defenseless human.  

Think Progress declares this unjust. After all, the Munoz family members

believe she is dead, and they say it’s emotionally painful to prolong the process of saying goodbye. “This isn’t about pro-life or pro-choice,” Munoz’s father, Ernest Machado, explained in a tearful interview with Dallas News on Friday. “We want to say goodbye. We want to let them rest.”

What about the child? Nobody actually knows how the baby will be born. As TP’s Tara Culp-Ressler writes, “it’s not yet clear whether the fetus is developing normally. By 24 weeks, the family may know more about its viability.”

Does the cost of emotional suffering outweigh the blessing of a new life? Progress is now the ability to secure freedom of “closure,” no matter what the cost.

There’s a real possibility that the baby will be healthy. In Italy, for example, doctors just performed a Caesarian on a woman in a coma to save a premature baby.

Carolina Sepe was shot in the head when she was 10 weeks pregnant. Four months later, doctors saved the baby and put her on life support. The family’s town will support the child until she reaches 18.  

While Sepe’s case is different from Munoz’s, both show a stark contrast in attitudes towards life and death. 

I hope that the Munoz family welcomes their new child as a blessing where there was tragedy.

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