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Five Quick Things: No, You Are Not Crazy
Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn (YouTube screenshot)

Over the weekend, conservative Christian blogger and podcaster Brannon Howse, who has been denounced by the leftist media repeatedly over the past two decades as a conspiracy kook, generated quite a bit of attention for a bombshell interview he conducted with Gens. Tom McInerney and Mike Flynn.

It was Flynn’s first interview since being pardoned by President Trump. In the years since he was attacked by the FBI for having committed no crime in a politicized prosecution that stands out as one of the most egregious injustices in modern American history, he had been mostly silent in media interviews. But no longer.

Flynn, a long-time military intelligence specialist who was President Trump’s designee for National Security Adviser, and McInerney, who was the head of NORAD and rose to the No. 3 position in the U.S. Air Force, both lent their support to the Sidney Powell narrative of American elections corrupted by foreign sources through software manipulation of Dominion Voting Systems machines. The narrative no doubt reads like a David Baldacci or Tom Clancy novel; one is quite justified in thinking that it sounds a bit crazy.

McInerney even echoed the story, which has been posited on social media and in the conservative blogosphere, that a Frankfurt, Germany server farm was the scene of a firefight between Special Forces operators and CIA personnel over a raid to seize those servers.

This column neither endorses nor disputes what McInerney or Flynn said in the interview. I don’t presume to have enough information to know how far to the wild side Powell’s tale can go while still being taken seriously.

But if you find yourself believing part or even all of it, don’t let anybody tell you you’re crazy for doing so. The people thus scolding you have a lot to answer for.

What lies below applies to a whole lot more than “conspiracy theories” surrounding the failed 2020 presidential election. But we’ll simply apply it to that set of controversies, since this week is likely to see a ramping-up of expository information on just how failed an election it was despite the legacy corporate media’s insistence that it’s over and Joe Biden is the “president-elect.”

1. The Death of Media Curiosity

Most of the predicate behind what Powell is saying about Dominion and the software companies counting votes in the 2020 election is not new. Nor is it even Republican. The alarm bells behind Dominion machines and the vote tabulation software were sounded nearly two decades ago when the brand name on those machines was Diebold and Democrats threw a fit over suggested irregularities in the 2000 and 2004 elections.

And last year there were Democrats like Liz Warren who openly challenged the integrity of the Dominion systems and suggested they could be used to hack elections.

How long has the president been screaming about election integrity, whether that involved software or mail ballots as platforms for a stolen election? Five months, easily.

You don’t have to believe in firefights in the Ruhr Valley to recognize that there was a major problem with election integrity on Nov. 3. Nor do you have to smell China and George Soros at work to see some of the highly anomalous results within those vote counts and question whether the tallies reflect the truth.

And yet no one in the legacy corporate media is even remotely interested in pulling on those threads to see what comes from them.

These same intrepid crusaders wouldn’t leave alone the idea there was something terrible in Trump’s tax returns, or that Vladimir Putin somehow fixed the 2016 election, and all of a sudden, faced with the horror of a legitimately stolen election, they’ve got no interest in doing their jobs.

These are not people with sufficient credibility to dismiss anyone’s reporting or accusations. They’re not even Fake But Accurate anymore. Baghdad Bob was just as believable.

2. What is Evidence, Anymore?

Over and over again you hear from Democrat politicians and media mouthpieces that there is “no evidence” behind the accusations of a stolen election.

This is an absolute lie. It’s a malicious lie, one that threatens to make it impossible for any factual consensus to be had within our national discussion in the future.

What is contestable is whether the evidence of vote fraud we’ve seen to date is sufficient to throw the official vote tabulation in states like Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania into doubt. No one can make a true judgement on that score yet, because the evidence has not been vetted in front of an impartial tribunal so far. That likely begins to happen when the U.S. Supreme Court begins to hear cases surrounding the election, something we can probably see coming in the next few days, but in advance of the judicial system vetting the evidence we’re already beginning to see hearings among state legislatures in the disputed states.

And at those hearings there is unquestionably evidence being presented.

Statistical anomalies in vote counts are evidence of vote fraud. Witness testimony of rampant lawbreaking at counting centers is evidence. Tampering and destruction of election records is evidence. The idea that Team Trump has no evidence of a stolen election is far more groundless than the subject of that idea could ever be.

And let’s remember, the American media demanding that you believe Trump has no evidence of a stolen election are the same people who pushed a narrative of the president’s collusion with Putin for more than two years with no evidence whatsoever. They supported the deranged Adam Schiff and his band of miscreants when they presented no evidence whatsoever to support an impeachment of Trump over Ukraine. And of course there was the Christine Blasey Ford circus during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, which contained no evidence whatsoever.

For decades they’ve fabricated damaging stories — that the CIA inflicted the crack epidemic on urban America to kill black people, Rathergate, the 1988 October Surprise narrative that George H. W. Bush convinced Iran to hold onto the American hostages in order to secure Reagan’s election, and much more — with no evidence at all. For that matter, where is there any real evidence at all that man-made global warming is happening?

And now Rudy Giuliani is castigated as having “no evidence” of fraud in this election, when he put on no less than four hours of it in one hearing in Pennsylvania last week?

You don’t have to believe anything those people say.

3. Two Plus Two Equals Five

Then there are the outright lies.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was a treasure trove of hard evidence of serious corruption. When the stories of that evidence weren’t being completely suppressed by both the legacy corporate media and the social media overlords, we were instead fed deliberate falsehoods. For example, that the whole story of what was on that laptop was Russian disinformation — something cooked up by the same people who cooked up the Trump–Russia collusion lie.

Take the various COVID-19 narratives as another example. You’re being told you must wear a mask even inside your house, or else you’ll kill Grandma. And it’s an item of faith among Democrats and their media allies that economic shutdowns are the only way to stop the virus. Also that asymptomatic spread of the virus is rampant and that there is no effective treatment for it.

Every one of those statements is either a flat-out lie or, at minimum, highly challengeable. And yet not only are they continuously made by public health bureaucrats and legacy corporate media talking heads, but alternative viewpoints and even scientific studies disproving them are censored and suppressed. Just last week a Johns Hopkins study that brought the COVID-19 narrative of runaway death totals into disrepute by showing that America has the same number of deaths this year that it’s always had was deplatformed by the university following outrage from the usual suspects. Ditto for the Danish study that showed no significant value in mask-wearing, and the multiple studies that have showed economic shutdowns to be completely useless in stopping the spread.

Another example we don’t need to go too far into: virtually everything involving the George Floyd/BLM riots. You know all about the lies therein.

You get to Two Plus Two Equals Five when Two Plus Two Equals Four is shut down. That is the role Big Tech and the legacy corporate media have been busily playing for several years now. Why would you allow them to influence your thinking about what Powell is saying?

4. Corruption For Thee, But Not For Me

On one hand there’s the Trump–Russia collusion hoax and the Trump tax return fiasco. On the other hand there’s FISAgate, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton emails, the weaponization of the IRS, and practically everything else the Obama administration did.

The legacy corporate media called the Obama administration the most “scandal-free” in memory, something that should have put to bed any notion of their credibility. Those same people, who ignored Tara Reade, the Hunter Biden laptop and Tony Bobulinski, the Andrew Cuomo nursing home COVID deaths, Extortion 17, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein (until it was no longer possible to ignore them), the East Anglia emails, and practically every other scandal involving Democrat politicians and causes over the past decade and more, are now calling the theft of the 2020 election unsubstantiated.

It is literally true that America’s legacy corporate media will not report on scandal involving the Left. Even when rioters paid and supplied by left-wing donors inflict bloody mayhem and wholesale property damage on Democrat-controlled cities, the legacy corporate media in this country calls those riots “mostly peaceful protests.”

Of course they’ll tell you Sidney Powell is nuts. If she isn’t, the biggest political scandal in American history is afoot, and they’re refusing to do their jobs as journalists in the face of it, following a long pattern of refusing to do their jobs while evil reigns.

But let Mike Flynn’s recollection of a phone call with a Russian ambassador in what he thought was an informal conversation with the FBI differ with what’s on a 302 form, and it’s nonstop scandal for two years.

Don’t forget that Powell is Flynn’s lawyer. When you say that Powell is nuts, you’re saying Flynn, who no doubt supplies her with information and vets what she has, is also nuts. And Mike Flynn is in a far better position to know just how corrupt the American Deep State is than anyone in the legacy corporate media.

5. They Created 2020, And Now They Can Live In It

The year we are ending didn’t just happen out of the blue. Twenty-twenty is the culmination of a very long chain of events going back 30 years or more.

It’s the culmination of 30 years of coddling Chinese communists and allowing them influence over pop culture, our news media, our political class, corporate America, our technology industry, and our economy without imposing any of our standards on them.

It’s the culmination of well more than 30 years of the Left wrecking our institutions with critical theory, poisoning the American people against our traditions and power structure with crackpot advocacy and idiotic double standards.

It’s the culmination of half a century of pop culture destabilizing our values and challenging the notion that business and government in this country exist to make things better. The Left told us that corporations were evil, no? The Left has convinced us the FBI and CIA were corrupt, haven’t they? They’re not credible in assuring us corporations and government are incapable of colluding to steal an election.

Everyone in America knows the system is sick. Everyone understands we are in decline. We all know our institutions are failing. And yet they want us to believe the rout of our way of life can’t manifest itself in a Third World stolen election?

Anyone who believes what Sidney Powell is saying, stand up and tell the world. You’re entitled. Fly that freak flag. They lost the ability to call you a kook long ago.

Scott McKay
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