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Fighting Crime the Soros Way

Last week in Philadelphia, during an episode which is predictably all too common in that city and lots of others like it, a rampaging looter invaded a pizzeria and sought to pillage the contents of its cash register.

What happened next was a slice of old-fashioned America.

Dramatic surveillance video captured the moment a 14-year-old boy pulled out a handgun and shot a robber in the face as he tried to steal cash from the family’s pizzeria in Philadelphia.

The violent confrontation in the City of Brotherly Love took place about 9:30 p.m. Dec. 9 at Bold Pizza on Spring Garden Street, where one of three men who had just robbed a nearby CVS pharmacy entered the pizza joint, according to WPVI.

The footage shows the robber reaching over the cash register and tussling with the clerk before her son pulls out the gun and opens fire.

Police followed a trail of blood that led them to the suspect at a subway station about three blocks away, NBC Philadelphia reported. The man was taken to Jefferson Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Everything about the incident is as one would expect. The elements of it line up fully, such that anyone paying attention ought to say, “Yep. This is what you get.”

The robber will live the rest of his life with a face resembling a pepperoni and sausage pie. The Usual Suspects will demand “social justice” after seeing the effects of frontier justice.

And what passes for law enforcement in Philadelphia will slink to the sidelines having not much to say about the effects of the utter lawlessness which has taken hold of that city.

Like in Milwaukee, San Francisco, St. Louis, New Orleans, and many others where high-profile mayhem has taken hold, Philadelphia’s district attorney is a Marxist buffoon named Larry Krasner who is in office in large measure because he was backed by the left-wing financier and essentially-perfect James Bond villain George Soros. The latter has made it a personal project, after corrupting America’s elections through similar attempts to elect revolutionaries to Secretary of State positions around the country a decade or so ago, to install pro-criminal district attorneys in major and mid-sized cities across America.

In 2017 when Krasner was elected, a Soros-affiliated PAC dumped an unprecedented $1.7 million into the race for his benefit. Nobody had ever spent that kind of money in a Philly DA race before. But it was nothing for Soros.

For example, Soros a few years ago dropped nearly a million dollars into a district attorney race in Shreveport, Louisiana, something no one in that area was prepared for or could believe. The bottom has fallen out of law enforcement in that city since and it is losing population faster than almost any municipality in America as a result.

In Milwaukee, a Soros-backed imbecile named John Chisholm championed little or no cash bail even for violent criminals, gleefully admitting that there would be blood on the streets as a result. He paid off that promise, and then some, when in suburban Waukesha a career criminal named Darrell Brooks massacred six people by smacking his SUV into a Christmas parade. Brooks was out on $1,000 bail after running his girlfriend over just a few days earlier.

And then there is the bumbling moron Kim Foxx in Chicago, the recipient of a cool $2 million in Soros bucks. You saw Foxx’s handiwork in the Jussie Smollett case, and you’ve seen the results of her performance: more than 1,000 murders in the Windy City this year.

Krasner’s list of foibles as the DA in Philadelphia rival the worst of the Soros roster. When he took office he announced he would no longer prosecute marijuana possession, essentially decriminalizing weed without any legislative body — either in the city or the state — having a hand in that making of policy. Friends in Philadelphia inform this writer that the smell of cannabis has pervaded the streets since. Krasner also announced he was all but ending prosecutions of prostitutes. He said the policy was not to prosecute any “sex workers” with less than three convictions — which means the young and pretty ones get off scot-free, apparently.

Then he instituted case reviews with an eye toward dramatic restructuring of sentences for Philadelphia’s criminals, particularly the “non-violent” ones. “Fiscal responsibility is a justice issue, and it is an urgent justice issue,” said Krasner. “A dollar spent on incarceration should be worth it. Otherwise, that dollar may be better spent on addiction treatment, on public education, on policing and on other types of activity that make us all safer.”

He fought capital punishment. And when Philly cop James O’Connor IV was killed by a drug dealer named Hassan Elliott, who was free thanks to Krasner’s decision to drop drug charges against him, the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia directly blamed Krasner.

Three years later Philadelphia has shot past its previous murder record of 500, set back in 1990. There’s a murder once every 16 hours or so in Philadelphia.

How bad is it? Some Philly residents actually expect their loved ones — not the criminal ones, normal folks — will be murdered, and they turn out to be correct.

Pamela Owensby woke up every day for three years fearing her son would be shot.

Her 23-year-old, Sircarr Johnson Jr., had opened a clothing store on West Philadelphia’s 60th Street in 2018. Because of ongoing violence in the neighborhood, she became licensed to carry a gun and accompanied him at closing time. This spring, she even researched life insurance for each of her four sons — the youngest of whom is 9.

But before she could fill out the paperwork, Johnson was killed in front of his store.

In the middle of a July 4 cookout, gunmen jumped out of a car and pumped bullets into the crowd — a crime police believe was part of an ongoing conflict between rival neighborhood groups. Four people were struck, including Johnson, who was shot in the torso.

He died within minutes.

“I just knew they were gonna take my baby,” Owensby said.

When the murders don’t come, the rapes do. You probably heard about the October incident when a passel of thugs on a train in South Philadelphia thought it would be a good time to re-enact scenes from A Clockwork Orange. The train wasn’t empty, but they were perfectly safe in committing the gang rape — no one came to her aid; they just took out their phones and recorded it.

SEPTA, the public transit authority on whose watch it happened, scolded the phone-wielding spectators for not calling 9-1-1. The correct response, of course, is “what for?” Everybody knows Larry Krasner is allied with the criminals and not the victims. Certainly the cops do. Why bother arresting anybody? That’ll only make them angry, and then they’ll just be right back out on the street.

So what happens is the law-abiding citizens who are beset by rampaging, pillaging criminals decide that if the cops and Larry Krasner won’t enforce the law and keep the peace, they’ll do it themselves.

And 14-year-olds shoot would-be robbers in the face when said villains are choking their parents in pursuit of what’s in the cash register.

This is Larry Krasner’s fault, and it’s George Soros’ fault. This movement to put allies of criminals in charge of prosecuting crime, something which comes straight out of a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, is directly slaughtering what little quality of life remained in America’s cities. That those cities have not yet devolved into American Baghdads in which private militias rule street corner by street corner is surprising. Were it not for the massive outmigration of middle-class citizens to the suburbs and exurbs this would have already happened.

We’ve discussed that phenomenon — Weaponized Governmental Failure — in this space before. A Soros DA is proving to be the h-bomb of Weaponized Governmental Failure — and yes, WGF is a very appropriate acronym for it. Philadelphia’s recent nobody-cares governance exemplifies that acronym perfectly.

It’s no longer plausible to blame this on incompetence. Larry Krasner is no liberal. He’s a leftist, a Marxist. He isn’t for civil rights. Pamela Owensby had a civil right not to expect her son would be shot dead before his 24th birthday. This is how you keep the Pamela Owensbys impoverished, miserable, and dependent. It’s how you keep beleaguered people under your thumb and begging for what little relief you might afford them.

Or worse, it’s how you condition them to see crime as normal and acceptable to participate in. Then they’ve got criminal records and they’ll never escape the cycle.

And they’ll never vote Republican no matter how bad it gets in Philadelphia. Or Milwaukee. Or New Orleans.

You can’t get rid of Larry Krasner. Even if you did, he’ll be replaced by somebody just as bad. Soros will make sure of it.

And Philadelphia can’t be saved. Only the people who realize the oppression and evil that a criminally allied political class represents and are willing to move away can be saved.

Philadelphia is a dead city. So are the others. The dead must be buried, not allowed to profligate as zombies. They must be defunded, pillaged of their business community by economic development officers from the suburbs, savaged by policymakers at the statehouse.

When next the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has a Republican U.S. Attorney Larry Krasner’s office must be put under a microscope and examined for the slightest violations of law. Indictments must flow. Krasner must come under withering fire from the rest of the state. As must Chisholm, and New Orleans’ crook-friendly Jason Williams. And San Francisco’s Weather Underground-spawned Chesa Boudin, a former translator for Hugo Chavez who faces a recall election amid Krasner-esque results. And lots of the others.

And at some point, Soros has to be held accountable for the damage he’s done over the years and the lives he’s destroyed. It should have already happened.

Scott McKay
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