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Enemy of the Week Is Back (Alas)

Okay, we’ve been dormant awhile, not that Enemy Central ever rests. But the last few years everyone knew who the Enemy of Week, day, year, was. No use naming names when it’s the same name that kept coming up.

Lady Hillary, ever truthful in her claims against the VRWC, lapped the field – by November 8, she was at least 500 laps ahead, a first for anyone competing in Indiana or any other NASCAR location, but let’s not veer off course.

It didn’t help that she didn’t have a good 9/11 this year. We can be cruel at Enemy Central, but not when it comes to picking on someone when they’re down, and out, and dragged into an ugly black van. We thought it pathetic, when she trotted out the Billy Bush tapes in a desperate attempt to tarnish Mr. Trump’s boy scout past. But then it’s been an old Democrat habit to spread fake news. Remember John Kerry, the pro-Hanoi antiwar traitor pretending to have been a Swift Boat hero in his run for the White House? So now Hillary was going after a guy said to hit on women. She’d never heard of such behavior before! (Except, of course, in the case of that one guy who turned out to be her meal ticket — but let’s not go there. “Zone of privacy,” we think it’s called.) It never ceases to amaze what some machismos get away with when they’re standing atop the proverbial glass ceiling.

Now Mr. Trump, being the boy scout that he at heart is, tried to do the gentlemanly thing and post-election said many nice things about the woman he defeated. He even suggested he may not sic the Feds on her for all her Clinton Foundation criminality.

How did she thank him? She began to underwrite someone named Jill Stein’s efforts to bring about a recount in three upper Midwest states that Trump carried and Hillary, in final testimony to her ineptness, failed to secure. Maybe she’s just desperate, knowing she’s collected hundreds of millions from very fat cats who don’t like to be made fools of. How to repay them even ten cents on the dollar? Hang around until she can run again in 2020, that’s how, evidently.

Yesterday she showed up at Dingy Harry’s farewell and confirmed she’s in the 2020 race for good now, unleashing even harsher talk on the fake news front. You may not know it, she let on, but the real reason she lost last month was that wackos were accusing her and David Brock of running a child sex delivery service out of a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.’s NPR country. That’s kind of funny, given that the only comparable story we heard during the campaign involved her dear husband’s cavorting with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The fake news mainstream media has judged that story too real to use.

So what next for Lady Hillary? Her hair at the Harry event was expensively made up, a far cry from the cheapo hippie look she sported in her previous post-election appearance, at the Children’s Defense Fund gala, when the official line was that she’d lost not because of fake news but because of FBI Director James Comey’s actions, the same Comey who had let her off the hook last summer. Hillary, we have learned, has always been a hard one to please. Everything about her may be fake, but has ever there been such utter perfection in so false an American pol? If she wants to go another four years, we’re standing by.

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