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Don’t Want to Cut Defense? Better Cut Something

Danielle Pletka and Thomas Donnelly take to the Washington Post op-ed page today to push back against what they see as insufficient support for high defense spending on the right. They make some good points, but they seem a bit deaf to the reason that Republicans are starting to make noises about cuts to the Department of Defense, namely the state of the federal balance sheet. Too often, commentators who call for spending on defense seem so indifferent to domestic policy that they never get around to addressing where the money for all this spending should coming from.

As Peter Suderman notes over at Reason, the GOP can’t seem to bring itself to tackle the cost of health care entitlements, and indeed often seem to talk as if Medicare is sacrosanct. If foreign policy hawks like Pletka and Donnelly are serious about shoring up defense as a spending priority, they ought to be joining budget hawks in calling for cost control in entitlements.

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