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Democrats’ Snoopy Dancing

The other day I came across an article on CNN entitled, “Why are Some Democrats Running Away from Obamacare?,” a truly comical piece that would be even funnier were it not mere cheerleading disguised as analysis. And cheerleading is desperately needed as Democrats approach the midterm elections. But running on Obamacare? Do these people live on the same planet we do? In a way, no. They live on the planet Liberal, where the truth is whatever they and their media wing say it is. And this strategy has served them well for the last few decades; until that is, reality rears its ugly head. And Obamacare is some ugly reality.

And yet, the president and his supporters continue to celebrate victory for the law, despite clear evidence that the majority of Americans despise it. A recent AP poll found support for the law at a record low of 26 percent. And this is before the public and employee mandates—which have been prudently and continuously postponed—kick in. When this happens, look for millions more to join the ranks of the 29ers and 49ers; those who will be laid off or have their hours cut to avoid the penalties that kick in for businesses who have 50 or more employees working 30 or more hours a week.

Amidst all the pom-pom waving, a few Democrats have braved the waters of reality, like Rep. Stephen Lynch, D (MA) who predicts: “We will lose seats in the House. I am fairly certain of that based on the poll numbers that are coming out from more experienced poll sets down there. And I think we may lose the Senate. I think that’s a possibility… primarily because of healthcare.” Yes, only in the fantasy world of liberal land can a law that is hated by the people, trashed by economists, and disowned by the legislators who enacted it be called “successful.”

Yet, much in the same way that Nancy Pelosi sought to “deem” Obamacare passed before it was, liberals feel they simply have but to declare something to be a fact, and it is so. Which leads us to consider other so-called liberal successes.

Like public education. In his State of the Union speech earlier this year, Barack Obama declared, “Five years ago, we set out to change the odds for all our kids.… Some of this change is hard.… But it’s worth it and it’s working.” Working? According to recent testing, American kids rank 36th in the world, despite the U.S. leading all nations in expenditure per child. Yet Democrats continue to insist that their failed policies of union collaboration and profligate spending will solve the problem.

Common Core and Universal Pre-K are only symptoms of their “solution”: give us your kids at a younger age and they will be even less self-sufficient and more ill-prepared to lead this once-great country; in a word, liberals. Thirty years ago, President Reagan read from a report on education he commissioned that stated, “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.” Well, that war continues apace and—aided by liberal rejection of school choice—escalates daily.

And speaking of domestic conflicts, how’s that War on Poverty working out? Year after year and program after program have failed to end liberal proclamations that economic independence is right around the corner for the poor. Trillions upon trillions of dollars have been spent on endless entitlements that have succeeded only in spawning entire generations of Americans who live in dependence and despair. Entire cities are falling under the collapse of the crime and lawlessness that are the result of this culture of non-self reliance. Sadly, the only success in the War on Poverty has been to swell the ranks of the unemployed and government dependents, which probably was the intent all along.

Which brings us to the only area in which conflicts are to be avoided at all costs: foreign policy. For the last hundred years, America has used its economic and military powers as forces for good in the world, seeking to spread liberty and freedom to those living under tyranny. For liberals, those powers are a force for evil and must be diminished and curtailed. Yet running away with your tail between your legs might be effective in dealing with the bogeymen that liberals see everywhere but in their own party, but it hardly works when dealing with real-life tyrants and thugs. Red lines and reset buttons may make for good sound bites, while arrogantly calling Russia a “regional power” may play well to other denizens of Planet Liberal, but in the real world this effete posturing has made us the laughingstock of the globe.

Rush Limbaugh, among others, was vilified when, after the election of Barack Obama, he stated that he wished the president and his party to fail. Yet the question is: can the nation afford more liberal success?

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