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Democrats Know Better But Don’t Care

Another day, another Islamist terror attack. This time an 85-year-old French Catholic priest saying Mass was beheaded on the altar. Another day, another attempt by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the entire Democrat party to stand firm in their conviction that we are not really at war and that the murderers are not really a serious threat. Another day, another round of denunciations of violence by Democrats complete with the rote condolences for the victims.

Republicans claim that the Democrats “just don’t get it” or are delusional. They claim that Democrats don’t understand the threat of Islamic terrorists. They claim that Democrats are out of touch when it comes to national security. But Republicans couldn’t be more wrong. Democrats from President Obama and Secretary Clinton all the way down to the lowest local Democrat ward boss are very aware of the threat. They simply put political power ahead of every other concern, including the lives of innocent Americans. To admit that they have been wrong about the terror threat for a quarter century would mean suffering the inevitable political fallout — the loss of power.

President Bill Clinton treated the jihadist threat as a legal problem not a war. His attorney general Janet Reno and her deputy Jamie Gorelick built a wall between the intelligence and law enforcement communities that prohibited information sharing. Bin Laden was not taken out when they had him in their sites for fear of inflicting collateral damage. On 9/11, as our first responders rushed toward danger, Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT) and his allies at the ACLU were more concerned with the potential legislation that would come from the Bush administration to fight terror than they were with the wreckage of innocent human life at Ground Zero, at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania.

The Democrats spent eight years attacking George Bush in the foulest and most vile terms. They attempted to blame him for 9/11 and when that didn’t stick, they accused him of shredding the Constitution through fear mongering. He took the insults and stayed the course, believing all the time in the faith of the American people and his duty to protect their lives and liberties. His refusal to engage and defend his record of keeping America safe by taking the fight to the jihadis proved nearly fatal to his popularity by the end of his second term. Democrats were gleeful in their attacks on the President and so quick to disavow their own support for the war in Iraq.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have stood by Obama’s ISIS as the “jayvee” team meme despite the overwhelming evidence that it poses a threat unlike any other we have faced. Ask the survivors of Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando if Islamist terrorists are not ready for prime time. Ask the victims of Paris, Nice, and Munich. Ask the nun who watched Father Hamel beheaded at the altar last week if this evil is to be taken lightly. Ask the tens of thousands of innocent Christians in Syria and Iraq who suffer daily. Ask the people of Israel who have been fighting these animals (with no moral support from the Democrat party) for decades.

Barack Obama and the Democrats lied about the negotiations with Iran — the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorists — and have had the audacity to admit that they lied to us. Deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes (brother of CBS News President David Rhodes) even bragged about their lies to the New York Times. It’s a game to them. And the all too routine statements of sympathy for the dead and wounded are a punch line.

Democrats have staked their position and will not budge because to change course would be to admit they have been wrong for 25 years. They are wrong about the cancer within Islam — that it is bigger and growing, deadly and global. They are wrong about Iran. They are as wrong about radical Islam as Neville Chamberlain was wrong about Herr Hitler. But to admit it would be to face a political firestorm and the loss of power.

Donald Trump may not understand the so called nuances of foreign policy or national security that the Obamas and Clintons and Kerrys of the world insist are beyond his or anyone else’s grasp. But let’s assume he does, in the same way that most Americans have understood the threat for more than 15 years. From what I’ve seen over the last 40 years, Trump is a very smart guy.

There are a few unanswered questions: will a Trump administration unspool the legal and security limitations threaded throughout our Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, State, Defense and intelligence agencies? Will a Trump administration be able to align our global security agenda with that of our most important allies in Europe and the Middle East? And will he be able to put responsible and purposeful action behind the tough talk? Those are legitimate questions.

What we do know is that Trump is willing to call the threats we face by their name. He is willing to call a terrorist attack a terrorist attack. He does not mince words, as unpolished and unvarnished as they almost always are. He will treat this as a war, not some law enforcement or pseudo-diplomatic challenge. He will not allow the American people to live in a country where our children are used to seeing their parents and friends blown up on a daily basis — where terror becomes the norm. He will take the fight to the enemy and make them fear the United States of America again. That alone places him ahead of the man currently in the Oval and the woman who wants to sit there next.

When I was a young newly married infantry officer, a fellow officer asked me if I knew the key to domestic bliss because he and his new wife were constantly fighting. I asked him, “Do you know the three most important words you need to be able to say to her?” He answered, “I love you?” “Nope,” I replied. “The three most important words for a husband to say are: I was wrong.” Marriage requires humility and the ability of each spouse to admit they have been wrong when the facts are clearly on the other’s side. Unfortunately, Democrats would rather have turmoil than say those three words and lose power. Too bad the stakes are so grave for everyone else.

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