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Cuomo, 2016, and Thomas More

At the Washington Post, Matt Continetti declares New York governor Andrew Cuomo the frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election, and explains why he’ll be well positioned: 

Something else we know: I can’t think of a savvier Democrat in the country than New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The man swings from success to success. He passed a major budget deal that cuts spending and reforms Medicaid without new taxes . He shepherded a huge gay rights victory. And now he’s looking to open New York to hydraulic fracturing, making him a supply-sider on energy policy

Looking for a time-waster for the long weekend? Then ask yourself this simple question:

Who will stop Cuomo?

And on the topic of Cuomo, this factoid from Maureen Dowd’s interview with the governor about his support for New York’s gay marriage law is, well, shocking: 

“I have a portrait of Saint Thomas More in my office,” the governor said, calling from the statehouse in Albany. It is a picture Mario Cuomo once kept in his office. He gave it to Andrew as a present when he graduated from Albany Law School, and the younger Cuomo has kept it with him for 30 years as he moved from job to job and city to city. “It’s not the first time there is a tension between the teachings of the church and the administration of the law, for my father and for myself.” Dryly, he adds: “I haven’t lost my head yet.” 

Thomas More, of course, famously stood on the other side of a conflict between the administration of the law and the teachings of the Church, and did lose his head for it. Cuomo apparently took the trouble to hang a portrait of Thomas More and then radically misunderstood the reasons for his death. He couldn’t be wronger if he tried, yet apparently it’s important enough to him that he would volunteer this information in an interview. 

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