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Culture War Update

The American Prospect has provided us with an informative view of the left’s perspective on recent battles in the the culture wars. Reading in between the lines of demonization of pro-lifers, it’s clear that the pro-choice author, Chris Cassidy, is worried about pro-choice fatigue:

It’s not just on Capitol Hill where Republicans are launching assaults in their war on women. Battles are breaking out in state legislatures across the country. “Nearly 1,000 anti-choice bills are advancing through Republican-controlled state houses nationwide,” Tanya Somanader reported here this afternoon. “Several states are racing to be the first state to defund Planned Parenthood, with Indiana taking the lead. In doing so, states like IndianaAlaska, and Texas are willingly gutting other programs that help low-income women and children, chocking it up to collateral damage.” As I’ve previously written over at the Prospect‘s group blog, anti-choicers are tireless zealots for their cause. Every defeat they absorb is only viewed as a temporary setback and an invitation to reassemble their forces at a later date. 

Unfortunately, the author suggests that, in the face of such a relentless opponent, pro-choicers should accelerate the mischaracterization and slander of the pro-life movement: 

This might be overcome by more effective messaging that puts the anti-choice community on defense for, say, the especially inhumane members of that community. …I’d like to know why the political movement that produced seven politically motivated assassinations of innocent people during the Clinton years alone is embraced by a major political party in our country, wouldn’t you?

Of course, you can’t paint anti-choicers with too broad a brush. There are principled people among them committed to nonviolence. So let’s give them an opportunity to make their voices heard by distinguishing themselves from the more murderous elements within their community…

This piece illuminates the state of the American conflict over abortion — in more ways than Cassidy intended, probably. 

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