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Counting the Numbers for Trump

Mr. President: please stop with the numbers. Or, don’t stop with the numbers, thus allowing the press to grill you on the irrelevant and trite; circling around, calculating from which angle to attempt to take you down. Maybe all you are doing is playing “dentist,” distracting the child with a lollipop, while you drill and get to work. Yes, the media do love their candy.

On day “whatever,” who are any of us to question the tactics that actually got one elected? I think we are past the point of saying it was sheer luck, and there was no rhyme or reason. Yes, throughout the campaign, the perceived missteps made the most ardent loyalist flinch, but, here we are, and, yes, it’s President Trump.

Many Trump supporters will be recoiling today. They will go on their respective social media feeds, read the incessant jokes, and mockery about the man they voted for. Of course, the late night shows will pick up on the “humor” and many Trump supporters will feel isolated. To quote a word From Sean Spicer’s Brilliant Monday monologue: “they will feel demoralized.” What should console all of you supporters, though, is the thought and knowledge that he is the President, and secondly, that he’s actually doing what he promised he would do for you.

Ask yourself this; as you are recoiling and feeling demoralized while reading the “brilliant posts” and tweets. Are people focused on the pipeline, or are they focused on the “three to five million” illegal voters? Are they focused on the Supreme Court pick, or are they focused on how many attended an inauguration? Are they focused on a bust, or are they focused on jobs, trade, and healthcare reform? President Trump really does make it hard to focus doesn’t he? Of course, this isn’t his plan is it? He has no plan, he never did and never will, because according to the left, it was “sheer luck” that he got elected. It was, as some say, the “perfect storm.”

So, while you are busy recoiling, “unfollowing,” and watching the much underrated Tom Shillue, or Forensic Files, instead of Fallon and Kimmel, the issues you were so concerned about, are being addressed. While the left is being distracted, by the dentist offering them a sucker, the guy whom you chose to be your quarterback is trying to win you the championship. Ask yourselves: Would you rather have Bill Belichick as your coach, or the coach who looks and sounds great on your Television? Would you rather have the coach with the great sound bites, the media darlings? Or, would you rather have the coach, whom the media hates but just wins? “Deflategate,” there was a little spying thing too, if I remember correctly. The Brady rule? Just narratives, but not the story. The story will be championships.

Or, please stop with the numbers. It was all dumb luck. It was the “perfect storm,” and you will be out of office very, very soon. Eventually, your words will come back to harm you. You will prove yourself to be the ill-tempered, narcissist, racist bigot whom you really are. Or, you will allow the media and radical left to show that this is who they truly are. It’s getting really hard to focus isn’t it? What are we even talking about?

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