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Coronavirus Diaries: Refusing to Yield

In a strict sense, this is not a comment on how I’ve been spending my time during this pandemic, but how certain others might better spend theirs.

In the days before the shutdown our lives were supposedly so busy many couldn’t take the time to write a complete word or sentence, or even use punctuation. New emojis on text messages are blooming like weeds.

I understand. It’s an easy way to express what often results in a completely incomprehensible message. But at times, it could be just as dangerous as the deadly virus.

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I don’t use my car much these days, but when driving in the city, stopped at a red light, I look in my rearview mirror and pray the driver approaching from behind isn’t texting, soon to rear-end me, engage my airbag, or worse. When I am driving on a busy interstate it’s not unusual to see a driver drifting across the lanes, at a low rate of speed, and I first assume he or she is drunk. I pass carefully and see the driver, head down, obviously texting, paying attention to everything but the road. (But — who knows? — maybe drunk, too.)

Texting while driving should be illegal. Actually, it is. It’s against the law to text and drive in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and all other territories of the United States. The only exceptions are Missouri and Montana. I can’t account for Missouri. I’ve been there. It’s a big and busy place. Nice people, but thankfully I never had to drive while in the Show Me State. And I strongly suspect the sensible folks of Montana, Big Sky Country, believe the idea of formalizing a prohibition against texting while driving absurd, something akin to explicitly legislating a law disallowing a picnic in the middle of a major highway.

These days, time’s not a problem. What’s the hurry? There’s no excuse. Pull over from the highway. Spell it out, clear and simple. We can all take the time to type complete words and use proper punctuation. For me, there are no short cuts. I mean don’t U C ???? 8’nt fun-E !!!! LoL- NOT!!!! 🙂 😛 😉

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