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Climate for Climate Alarmism a-Changin’

In Red Hot Lies I detailed many things a fraction of which, if as widely aired as the claptrap that passes for political and substantive dialogue on the issue, would have doomed this panic into oblivion long ago. For example, John Kerry has since admitted of his cap-and-trade global warming legislation, “this isn’t an environment bill”: it wouldn’t detectably impact the climate according to the alarmists’ own assumptions and models, so he’s right on that one, as I detail is the case and that even Al Gore was counseled this about Kyoto (after agreeing to it, incidentally).

One item I discussed, proof of which came out more publicly later, was ultimately assigned the tag “ClimateGate” (the basics of which were already known, if not admitted publicly in the protagonists’ own correspondence), and outlined in Chapter 6, “Stupid Science Tricks: Keeping that Gravy Train Chugging” and Chapter 8, “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: The UN’s Four-Alarm Liar”). Victory lap, taken.

More of our claims have now come to pass from Chapter 4, “Stifling Everyone’s Speech: Even Their Own”. First, after years of fighting it, and increasing marginalization as a result, the UK’s Royal Society has been forced under membership pressure to revisit their climate absolutism. More eye-opening is that William Connolley, who had served the global warming movement in a valuable role as Wikipedia gatekeeper, barring balanced (and, often, correcting) information about the issue, has now been topic-banned from the site.

As my colleague Iain Murray notes in an email, “The times they are a-changin’. A lot of other alarmists have been banned too.  Read the whole thing if you speak some Wikipedia-ese and have the time”. Wiki-Gate can take a number.

What we have been saying about the alarmists’ global warming case, sagging despite billions in lucre to spin it and most every dirty trick in the book, is proving more and more true as time goes by and the sky and the beaches remain precisely where we left them.

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