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China Syndrome: Blues, Greens Gaze Longingly at the Reds

Here are some gems from the spokesperson for the gaggle of labor unions and environmental pressure groups that have organized to push President Obama’s “global warming” agenda on America, the Blue-Green Alliance, in an interview with the trade press outlet E&E TV (subscription required).

Yvette Pena Lopes: … The economy, workers are hurting, new jobs and opportunities are needed. We’re falling behind. China is beating us right now on the race to renewable energy and clean investment.

Note: True enough about the economy, but otherwise that’s a wretchedly unsupportable argument. It’s just all they’ve got now.

Monica Trauzzi: Climate and energy were top-tier issues for the president when he came into office last year. With both houses of Congress run by Democrats, the president pushing hard for these issues, things still fell apart. Does that mean that there’s no hope at all for climate, for cap and trade to ever pass?

Yvette Pena Lopes: Well, there’s always hope, though we do have an uphill battle. Again, with the climate being – even though you do have a Senate Democrat majority in the Senate, it’s not a strong enough majority to really push us there for an overall comprehensive bill.

Note: Yeah, we know about Brownback. But still, that’s 59 senators in that majority you say is too weak; plus him. Yet that’s not enough to do to you what they want to do. Precisely as Tom Friedman likes to complain. Worth thinking about.

And what is it they are really peddling? Well, according to a man BGA to this day also retains as a spokesman despite outburts of candor like the following, addressed in my discussion of this looming travesty in “Power Grab“:

“It is an economic restructuring bill for the global economy. We should not pretend that it isn’t.” — David Foster, BGA spokesman

Agreed on both counts, including that it’s time to stop playing make-believe about what’s really going on. Putting a sock in that nonsense about China is a good place to start on the road to an honest debate about where you really want to go with this. Speaking of China.

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