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Chick-fil-A Report

As is happening all over the country, the Chick-fil-A across the street from my office is doing immense business today. At 11:07 a.m., central time, long before the usual noontime rush, the in-person line already was out the door and snaking around the corner of the building, and there was a large traffic jam on a divided main street caused by so many cars waiting in line for the drive through. It has gotten steadily MORE crowded since then.

I didn’t have time to wait, so I ate elsewhere. But here’s my suggestion: Let’s keep doing the equivalent of sending dead fish to Rahm Emanuel by continuing to Eat More Chikin long after this day is done. I usually eat there something like twice every three weeks. Since I couldn’t make it today, I’ll make sure to go at least twice next week and twice the week after and twice the week after that — in other words, three times more often than usual. I urge everybody else to do the same.

Plenty more can be said about how obscene it was to threaten Chik-fil-A — and how absurd it is to say that opposition to homosexual marriage is even remotely akin to bigotry. For now, though, it behooves conservatives to keep on fighting back against leftist bullying — not just by eating at a chicken fast-food place, but also by channeling our energy into the cause of traditional values more broadly, very much including any political causes or candidates that fill the bill. 

This has nothing to do with imposing any moral beliefs on others via government. This has everything to do with protecting the free expression and exercise of moral beliefs from the interference, whether prescriptive or proscriptive, of big government.

Frankly, I don’t care what consenting adults do behind closed doors. I do care if some self-appointed tough guy like Dead Fish Emanuel thinks he can use government to punish those who dare say positive things about traditional cultural institutions that have been honored for millennia. 

As for Emanuel, that incompetent hack, maybe he should practice, in the political sense, some of the euthanasia his brother is so fond of, and put his own administration out of its misery by leaving public life altogether in atonement for allowing the murder rate in his city to skyrocket while he spends more time protecting the supposed feelings of homosexual Americans (most of whom probably care nothing about the owner of a chicken chain) than he does protecting the lives of citizens.

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