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California Dreamin’ Near the Left Edge of the Earth

You can’t make a nickel betting that California won’t get any weirder. Just now much of the lower 48 seems to have roused from its slumber (see the Trump Revolution) and is edging back to the political and cultural center/right. There have been recent sightings of coherence. But ever-contrarian California continues to move perilously close to the left edge of the Earth. Many living today may see it fall off. (How many will lament this?)

We’ve lately read how it is that Sacramento Democrats (pardon the redundancy) want California to be a “sanctuary state.” This means anyone who fetches up there from anywhere, presumably including Mars, by any means fair or foul, can stay as long as he, she, or (fill in your favorite non-binary gender here) wishes to stay on the hospitality of the few Californians still working and without plans to move to Florida, Texas, or Arizona. These Democrats want the federals to butt out of their open-borders dream world. Of course, they also want these same federals to keep sending those federal dollars (money extracted, on pain of criminal penalties, from Americanos in more coherent states). Somebody has to pay for this circus.

Even before word of the push to make California an inter-planetary open destination, kumbaya kibbutz, crash pad, and free fire zone got around, Democrats had introduced a bill that would make California the first state in the nation (to the extent California is in the nation) to add a third gender option on state documents, to include drivers licenses, birth certificates, ID cards of all sorts. Of course California politicians are retailing this crack-pot idea in the name of protecting trans-gendered folks and people who, for their own reasons, don’t wish to identify with either sex. That this tiny sliver of the population could easily be accommodated without turning the entire world on its head doesn’t seem to have occurred to these brave-new-worlders.

Las Vegas hasn’t issued a line on this legislation yet. But I urge readers not to bet the mortgage money against it. We’ve learned to our sorrow that reality has very little chance up against determined Left Coast progressives. Sessions of the California State Legislature in Sacramento must have about the same tone and coherence as outtakes from Marx Brothers movies, just a lot less funny.

An interesting question is, how long will America’s patience with California last? Eventually adults interrupt their own meal to establish order at the children’s table. How long before the other 49 finally say, “That’s it — no mas, no mas. Time to trade California to Mexico for a case of Corona and a stale taco to be named later. (And if times are tough south of the border, keep the damn taco.)

Of course, this trade should not be made final until after the remaining sane Californians (there are such folks — though they must increasingly feel like expatriates in their own homes) are re-located somewhere in America. I hope Florida bids on Vin Scully.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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