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Cain on Muslims

Herman Cain issued an interesting press release after meeting with a DC-area Muslim society: 

I would like to thank Imam Mohamed Magid and the ADAMS Center for extending their hospitality to me this afternoon. We enjoyed heartfelt fellowship and thoughtful dialogue about how patriotic Americans of all faiths can work together to restore the American Dream.

While I stand by my opposition to the interference of shariah law into the American legal system, I remain humble and contrite for any statements I have made that might have caused offense to Muslim Americans and their friends. I am truly sorry for any comments that may have betrayed my commitment to the U.S. Constitution and the freedom of religion guaranteed by it. Muslims, like all Americans, have the right to practice their faith freely and peacefully.

As I expected, we discovered we have much more in common in our values and virtues. In my own life as a black youth growing up in the segregated South, I understand their frustration with stereotypes. Those in attendance, like most Muslim Americans, are peaceful Muslims and patriotic Americans whose good will is often drowned out by the reprehensible actions of jihadists. 

I am encouraged by the bonds of friendship forged today at our meeting, and I look forward to continuing this very healthy dialogue. The relationship we established was so positive that the Imam has invited me back to speak to not only some of their youth, but also at one of their worship services. 

In my opinion, Cain has the best biography of any Republican candidate. His campaign’s recent slight fade, I think, stems from the fact that he has basically failed to present a coherent policy agenda. His persisent inability to communicate his prescriptions for American Islam as other than discrimatory and un-Constitutional, I think, has also prevented him from catching on with a bigger audience so far. 

Unfortunately, Cain’s statements on Muslim cabinet appointees, mosques, etc., have also gained him a certain energized group of followers. It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, this development in his views will have on his campaign. 

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