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Blowing Up the Climate Skeptics

Referring to the video that Chris mentioned earlier, it was absolutely despicable. It is still on the web but I will not link it or embed it. The theme was alarmists in leadership exhorting their underlings (like a teacher and her schoolchildren) to take steps to reduce their carbon emissions by 10 percent. Those who didn’t raise their hands (yes, children) in favor of the program were literally blown up by their leader with the push of a button. Their blood and guts splattered those around them, as graphically as you can imagine — no, more than you can imagine. The message: climate deniers must die an extremely violent death.

The video is the work of a group called, and they claim that Sony is one of their partners. They also list extremist Bill McKibben of as another partner.

This is where communism and socialism ultimately lead — even of the eco-variety. You don’t get with the program; you get exterminated.

As Iowahawk posted at 1010’s YouTube site:

In order for your “No Pressure” advert to have been made, I am assuming several writers pitched a professionally-prepared storyboard to a committee, detailing shot-by-shot each second of the film. The committee approved it, along with a minimum $250,000 budget to hire actors, director, & crew. Each scene probably took 3-10 takes, and weeks of post production by special effects wizards. 

At no time did a single person involved in this (expletive) say, “hey, maybe it isn’t the best PR to air our fantasies about detonating the people who don’t agree with us into a mist of blood meat and bone fragments.” 

This has got to be the biggest FAIL in the entire history of the internet. Anyone remotely associated with the production of this film should forever be banished from any public institution in the English speaking world, and immediately referred for psychiatric evaluation.

It was indeed an extremely detailed plan for this video.

In the 1970s Pol Pot wanted to build a communist agrarian utopia which only needed one or two million people. As for the rest of the Cambodian population, the Khmer Rouge used to say, “to keep you is no benefit; to destroy you is no loss.” The regime killed about 1.7 million people — about a quarter of their population.

The beliefs expressed by the people are no different.

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