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Blaming the Good Guy
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A perfect day. I awakened, had a modest breakfast, then read the online news. The polls about Trump/Biden are terrifying. The exact same thing is happening that happened in 1973–74 to Richard Nixon. The media powers that had a deep psychological hatred of Nixon finally made it pay off over a trivial incident that — to this day — no one can explain as a major reason for kicking out a great president.

Now, the media powers that be are making their deep loathing of Trump pay off in a huge way by staging a media coup d’état over exactly nothing. The media powers that be have been attacking him, sliming him, smearing him since he won the 2016 election. He was accused of being a Russian agent. Accused of taking bribes. Accused of treason. Nothing ever panned out as a real cause of action. But the haters had to keep hating. It’s what made their lives meaningful.

It’s coming if Biden wins, an America in which the police have been emasculated and the federal government is the creature of the gangsters.

So, they accused him now of somehow being responsible for a worldwide virus pandemic. Clearly, he didn’t cause it. It would have been micro-biologically impossible for him to have caused it. He responded to it right away on the basis of the best advice he could get.

The virus turned out to be a lot worse than almost anyone had foreseen. How could that possibly be Trump’s fault? Yes, if his foresight had been perfect, he would have imposed much stricter controls on movements and contacts than he did. But health issues in this country are handled in almost all cases state by state and not by the federal government.

For President Trump to have foreseen the unforeseeable and then to have acted against the Constitution would have been expecting a lot. And do we want to overthrow the Constitution even over a super-severe health crisis? The Constitution is sacred. It is the finest governing document of any country all over the world. Do we want to jettison it for any reason at all?

Apparently, Trump is not being blamed for rioting and looting in the cities of America. But how on Earth is it his fault if a bunch of violent gangsters use the flimsiest of fake political issues to loot Burberry and Hermes and other super-high-end clothing and jewelry stores? How did Trump cause that?

The Democrats are the ones who refuse to get tough on crime — not Trump and the GOP. The leftists are apologizing for looting and homicides of police, not Trump. The Democrats have come up with the absolutely stupidest domestic idea of all time — reacting to increased criminal violence by cutting back on the police. That’s not Trump. That’s Biden and Pelosi and Schumer. But the media uses the Big Lie and says it’s all the fault of the good guy — Donald Trump. And for most Americans, as for most people anywhere, if the media says it enough, it becomes fact. Joseph Goebbels enunciated this truth long ago, and it’s still true.

I try to imagine an America in which the police have been emasculated and the federal government is the creature of the gangsters. It’s a horrible imagining, and yet it’s coming if Biden wins.

I worried about this as I shaved and dressed, and then I went off to the very nearby Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch with my pal Bob and my pal Glenn and my dear friend from Korea, K. The food was delicious as usual, and the sun was shining, and it was all lovely. The pool was a magnificent light blue with the traditional banana leaf pattern on the many sun umbrellas surrounding the water. No one deserves to live like this, certainly not me.

After lunch, I read about the history of Korea. My uncle Bob Denman was an immense war hero in Korea at the Cho-Sin Reservoir. Also, as I noted, my dear friend K is from Korea. She has told me about how rigorous the South Korean educational system is. It’s truly staggering. It is so different from ours, which is endlessly dumbing down and requiring less and less work and knowledge that it’s a certainty that Korea will be a giant power very soon. And what will we be? A vast graveyard of what used to be the best hopes and dreams of mankind.

Later, grocery shopping at a truly great grocery store, Pavilions. Then a nap and a long, long swim, and then I made dinner for our ménage of wifey, her nurses, our friend Bob, and me. I also cut off a slice of salmon fillet to give to K. For lunch tomorrow. Then dinner and then watching a movie of crime and punishment in Newcastle, England. The movie is called Get Carter and stars Michael Caine as a hit man of amazing toughness.

It centers around some bad guys who make porn movies in the late 1960s in the UK. These people will literally commit murder to keep the police from knowing they are making porn. This was only 50 years ago. Now porn is a huge and entirely legal business that has its own awards shows on major TV channels.

“What were once vices are now habits,” says the aphorism.

And one block from the White House, H Street is now called “Black Lives Matter” Street, in defiance of all common sense about who kills blacks in America.

God help this great nation. God save the Constitution. Good night, America.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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