Wlady Pleszczynski

Wlady Pleszczynski is editorial director of The American Spectator and editor of AmSpec Online. His tenure at the Spectator dates back to August 1980. A native of Santa Barbara, California, he (and his wife Joanna) have two sons, two cats, and a famous dog.

His work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Slate, the Weekly Standard, the Women’s Quarterly, and the Times Literary Supplement. He was a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, in 2001-2002. He is also the editor of Our Brave New World: Essays on the Impact of September 11 (Hoover Institution Press, 2002).

Trump: It’s Over for CNN


After today’s press conference, the drive-bys will beg Donald Trump to stick to Twitter. It wasn’t a presser so much as another version of a Trump rally, a sharp reminder that Trump as a political player is force of nature, in charge, sharp as a tack, unflappable, and as aggressive as he needs to be. […]

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No Class


One of the creepiest moments ever in our politics was the appearance of fixer John Podesta to announce Hillary would not be conceding anything until every vote was counted — echoes of Florida 2000, when Dems did their best to make sure votes not in their recount favor weren’t recounted? Never mind, as James Comey […]

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South Korean Solidarity With Hillary


The Hillarity at the New York Times continues. The other day it published an op-ed piece “Why American Needs a Female President.” It was by one Angie Kim, a writer in Virginia who as a third-grader in South Korea had been slapped on her hands by her teacher for daring to think she could run […]

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Comey’s Bombshell


No one knows exactly (or even inexactly) what it means, but FBI Director Comey’s bombshell letter to Congress essentially reopening the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crooked server is a bigger October Surprise than anything yet — and October still has a few more days to go. The hugeness of this news is reflected in the […]

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Donald Trump’s Finest Hour


The common view is that there were three debates this year between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But what about the bonus debate last night at the Al Smith Dinner in New York? It was probably Trump’s greatest performance. Funny, self-deprecating (within reason), and devilishly biting (in the best Johnny Carson roast tradition, which apparently […]

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A Nasty Moment Last Night


Donald Trump is big enough to defend himself, but still it irks me to see how the game is played against him. One of his alleged belligerent acts last nice was his referring to Hillary as a “nasty woman.” No context is ever provided, it’s just crazy mean Donald, shooting his mouth off uncontrollably and […]

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Chris and Tell: Not a Nice Night


At one point during his desultory performance in moderating what was pretty much a desultory debate, Chris Wallace said, “This doesn’t do any good for anyone.” You think? It was an awful night. A couple of things jump out. First is the extent to which Hillary Clinton’s felonious side is pretty much seen as ho-hum […]

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About Last Night


My favorite line of the night came from Megyn Kelly when among the many sins she accused Donald Trump of was “Rating women by her looks.” But isn’t that what she does every time she looks into her makeup mirror? Runner-up was delivered by longtime Clinton operative Paul Begala, when he dutifully played up the […]

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We Interrupt This Broadcast


Who was the moderator? We never saw her face. Someone from CBS News, it turned out. No surprise then. She was forceful and professional enough behind the screen, only to show her Lester Holt side when she interrupted Pence twice while he was in the midst of talking about Hillary’s reckless server security breaches and […]

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Lady in Red


At 10:06 p.m. a journalist friend said in an email: “I think he’s actually pasting her in the debate.” That was pretty much my impression, but then I might be biased against her. There were however some giveaways that he had indeed done damage. Whenever she fought back with sentences such as these — “So […]

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