Wlady Pleszczynski

Wlady Pleszczynski is editorial director of The American Spectator and editor of AmSpec Online. His tenure at the Spectator dates back to August 1980. A native of Santa Barbara, California, he (and his wife Joanna) have two sons, two cats, and a famous dog.

His work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Slate, the Weekly Standard, the Women’s Quarterly, and the Times Literary Supplement. He was a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, in 2001-2002. He is also the editor of Our Brave New World: Essays on the Impact of September 11 (Hoover Institution Press, 2002).

George H.W. Bush, RIP


Say what you will, but George H.W. Bush was a politician. But he was also, for lack of a better word as applied to our politics, a patrician. A classy guy, in other words. And so he died late on a Friday, too late to become the day’s story, and when it broke most news […]

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Developing Story on the Church Scandal?


Our reporter George Neumayr reports that he believes he’s found the house where disgraced former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick lives. It’s near Tenleytown, near American University, in Washington, D.C. According to D.C. property records, it is worth $2.1 million. The archdiocese of Washington has owned the house since at least the days of Cardinal Baum. George […]

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Eclipsing the Eclipse


People read into an eclipse what they will. In Washington, at least in the precincts of the Washington Post online, you learn, breast beatingly, “For a few minutes, America was able to look up and forget.” And more. This is still from the headline on the home page: “It was the first in a century […]

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Don Boudreaux’s Open Letter to Nancy MacLean


Last week, in our pages, Jon Cassidy introduced readers to the fevered progressive thought of Duke history professor Nancy MacLean, who in her widely noticed recent book lambastes the great free-market economist James Buchanan as the logical successor of slave-owning segregationist John C. Calhoun. We had first read about her book, Democracy in Chains, in […]

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London Bridge: Progress of Sorts at CNN


An old habit of tuning in CNN for news of the world at such moments as Saturday night’s ISIS-inspired attacks in London revealed something unusual on that network and its ilk: the use of such terms as “Islamist terrorism” and “Islamist extremist views.” Not that they came from a wide array of anchors or reporters, […]

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Parkinson’s NATO


My favorite line in President Trump’s remarks at NATO’s fancy digs in Brussels today came toward the end, “And I never asked once what the new NATO Headquarters cost.” I wish he had. Here’s what Joseph Harriss reported in our pages six years ago (April 2011) in his cover story, “NATO Reconsidered”: With policymakers on […]

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Mr. Perfect Forever


All week long — actually, for two weeks — I was worried about the New England Patriots’ chances against a hot and talented Atlanta team. It didn’t help that all the pre-Super Bowl coverage focused almost entirely on the Patriots and on Tom Brady and how victory would not only record setting for both but […]

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Special Pleading From the Opposition Party


So they’re not an opposition party? The requests below, displayed prominently on their home pages yesterday and well into this morning, came from the Washington Post and New York Times respectively: Are you, or is someone you know, affected by President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and migrants from the U.S.? Share your story with […]

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Trump: It’s Over for CNN


After today’s press conference, the drive-bys will beg Donald Trump to stick to Twitter. It wasn’t a presser so much as another version of a Trump rally, a sharp reminder that Trump as a political player is force of nature, in charge, sharp as a tack, unflappable, and as aggressive as he needs to be. […]

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No Class


One of the creepiest moments ever in our politics was the appearance of fixer John Podesta to announce Hillary would not be conceding anything until every vote was counted — echoes of Florida 2000, when Dems did their best to make sure votes not in their recount favor weren’t recounted? Never mind, as James Comey […]

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