Wayne T. Brough

Wayne Brough is the chief economist and vice president for research at FreedomWorks. Before joining FreedomWorks, Wayne previously worked at the Office of Management and Budget, reviewing federal regulations. He also worked at the United States Agency for International Development, focusing on market reforms in Africa, and in the research branch of an investment bank, where he covered U.S. domestic policies. He has testified before Congress and regulatory agencies on a number of issues.

Education: B.A., Jacksonville University; M.A., George Mason University; Ph.D., George Mason University.

Tax Reform Trepidation


During a recent speech in North Dakota, President Trump referred to the tax code as a “giant self-inflicted economic wound,” and urged Congress to take up the mantle of tax reform. And rightly so. The president, after losing a bruising fight on Obamacare repeal, is looking for a win for his activist base. With Republicans […]

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Rewriting the Roadmap to Innovation


Since it went commercial roughly 20 years ago, the internet has become a part of our daily lives, from entertainment to shopping to social networking. Today’s internet is a vibrant global network connecting more than 3.5 billion users worldwide through 224 million websites. Every day, users send almost 270 million emails worldwide and 2 billion […]

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In Government We Antitrust


The American economy produces roughly $18 trillion worth of goods and services every year as firms compete to provide consumers the goods and services they demand. But over time, the government has come to play a much larger role in the economy, imposing regulations that cost the economy over $1.9 trillion annually. Unfortunately for consumers, […]

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When Innovation Is Bad: The EU vs. Google


In its latest broadside against American technology companies, the EU last month slapped Google with a record $2.7 billion fine for leveraging its dominance as a search engine to boost Google Shopping over competing online services. This is indicative of the EU’s ongoing battle with American tech companies, with Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft under […]

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Regulatory Reform Is a Big Deal


Almost six months into the Trump administration, frustration is mounting over the lack of progress on the bold agenda outlined by the president. Tackling Obamacare has proved more challenging than initially assumed, which has kicked up a backlog on tax reform and other key initiatives on President Trump’s agenda. In fact, Republicans in Congress are […]

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Securing the Internet’s Future


The millennials are the first generation that grew up in a world defined by the Internet. What the car was to a teen in the Fifties — a chance to see the world, explore, and connect with friends — the Internet is to the post-industrial age millennial. Today’s Internet is so widespread that many take […]

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