Ron Maxwell

Ron Maxwell wrote and directed the Civil War movies Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, and Copperhead.

Trump, Creative Rights, and Intellectual Property


As the director of several movies about American history, including Gettysburg, it has been a privilege to bring these stories — full of bravery, resilience, ingenuity, conflict and sacrifice — to the big screen for audiences around the world. The stories that creatives tell — some true, some pure imagination — are among the greatest […]

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Trump Meets Putin


In a Realpolitik view of the world, the world is seen as it actually is — not viewed through a utopian lens. The Obama administration (including during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State) coordinated, abetted, and funded huge weapons flows into the conflict in Syria. Whatever the initial intentions, most of these arms and […]

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Shakespeare for Dummies


On the eve of the summer theater festival season we can anticipate a revival of Shakespeare productions motivated by a heartfelt commitment to make theatergoers understand that when the bard had his various characters commit regicide, it was Donald Trump he had in mind. Stage directors will outdo themselves in bloody and bloodier choreography as Macbeth, […]

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