Joseph L. Bast

Joseph Bast ( is a director and senior fellow with The Heartland Institute, a nonprofit organization he cofounded in 1984 and led as CEO until retiring earlier this year.

He’s Right! Scott Pruitt Hits Ball Out of the Park on Climate Change


On February 6, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt was interviewed by Gerard Ramalho on Nevada’s KSNV-TV. What he said about climate change produced the usual cat calls and hisses from liberal environmentalists and their stable of paid pseudo-scientists, but the rest of us recognized it as being a solid-gold presentation. Pruitt began by […]

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Open Letter to Ivanka Trump: Serve Your Father by Relying on Scientists, Not Celebrities Who Push Climate Calamity


NOTE: The following is a letter Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast sent to Ivanka Trump, top advisor to president Donald Trump. As of today, he has received no response. Dear Ms. Trump, Recent news stories report your interest in the climate change issue. I share your deep concern over the future of our planet — […]

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