Ilana Mercer

Ilana Mercer is the author of Broad Sides: One Woman’s Clash With A Corrupt Culture.

Animals Gone Wild


“Is he mentally ill?” asked Fox-News anchor Julie Banderas. She was quizzing an “expert” about the black bear that attacked campers in Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest earlier this year. The animal killed a six-year-old girl and mauled her mother and brother. To listen to Banderas and her expert, the bear acted out of character. Looking […]

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Coddling Killers


Will Victoria Jo Stinnett ever celebrate a happy birthday? I very much doubt it. As soon as she is old enough to understand, she’ll be haunted by the trauma of her birth — ripped from her dead mother’s womb by alleged killer Lisa Montgomery. Yet monster though she undoubtedly is, Montgomery is already reaping the […]

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Symbolic Savage


Absolute and entire ugliness is rare, observed the Victorian author John Ruskin. He did not have the pleasure of meeting Yasser Arafat. In his last photo opportunity, Arafat, whose soul reflected his countenance, wore pajamas and a fur hat. As he clasped the hands of members of his entourage, sporting a syphilitic grin, he made […]

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Ariel Sharon Rolls the Dice


Ariel Sharon’s daring decision to uproot 25 Gaza and West Bank settlements — civilian and military alike — hasn’t been “welcomed and appreciated by those near and far,” as he had exuberantly and naively hoped. For his courage, the Israeli Prime Minister has been pilloried rather than praised both in Israel and abroad. Ominously, the […]

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