Hunt Lawrence and Daniel J. Flynn

Hunt Lawrence is a New York-based investor. Daniel Flynn is the author of five books.

Healthcare’s Disrupters


U.S. healthcare spending increased to $3.6 trillion annually in the year preceding February to exceed 19 percent of growth domestic product. Annual healthcare spending growth rose to 4.9 percent by February. The Altarum report providing this data notes that increases came across the board. explains, “Year-over-year spending increased in all major categories. Nursing home […]

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Healthcare Costs Ash Kalra

CA Price Control Bill Figures to Make a Bad Situation Worse


California Assemblyman Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) introduced a bill to control healthcare costs in the Golden State earlier this week. His legislation notes, “In California, premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance in California increased 234 percent from 2002 to 2016.” That this massive increase coincided with both George W. Bush’s Medicare Part D prescription drug plan […]

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High Tech Devices Ensure Product Safety

As Government Punts on Reform, Tech Revolutionizes Healthcare


Recent headlines scream tech’s invasion of medical sector: “Alphabet’s bets on health tech are paying off as portfolio companies go public” (CNBC), “Can Amazon do to healthcare what it did to books?” (CNN), “Apple, in sign of healthcare ambitions, adds medical records feature for iPhone” (New York Times). Reading the fine print in the smaller […]

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Walmart Looks to ‘Save Money, Live Better’ Big Time


When Sam Walton started his Walton’s Five and Dime in 1950, health expenditures accounted for less than five percent of the gross domestic product. Sixty-eight years later, Americans expend about 18 percent of the economy on healthcare. That percentage projects to creep up sometime in the next decade to 20 percent. This, perhaps, explains the […]

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Poll: Americans Fear Medical Bills More Than Sickness


Newton, Massachusetts police arrested a disturbed man outside of a Star Market on Tuesday for twice stabbing a 79-year-old man. The 23-year-old alleged assailant, upset that his fellow shopper’s carriage bumped his, informed police that he had stabbed “the bad man.” The incident appears as an entirely preventable one. The young man’s father told WFXT […]

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Amazon Conquered Borders & Toys R Us — Aetna & Humana Next?


How does the richest man in the world become even richer? Jeff Bezos, whose net worth totals $132 billion—$40 billion more than nearest competitor Bill Gates — looks to expand into a healthcare. For those in the business of making money, and most in business are in that business, healthcare makes sense. Americans spend upwards […]

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As Government Relies on Same, Lame Reform Ideas, Capitalists Quietly Revolutionize Healthcare


The Maryland legislature, catalyzed by learning of a onetime $380 million federal tax exemption for medical insurance companies, responded by raising state taxes $380 million for medical insurance companies. The lawmakers, with the support of the Republican governor, seek to protect people in the individual market from a massive premium spike and the possible departure […]

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Researchers Finger Three Reasons for U.S. Healthcare Overspending


A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association asks, “Why is health care spending in the United States so much greater than in other high-income countries?” The answer surprises and unleashes numerous ramifications for policymakers. The Harvard-affiliated authors — Irene Papanicolas, Liana Woskie, and Ashish Jha (the first two also hold positions […]

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Cigna Gambles Big in Healthcare Competition With Tech


Insurance company Cigna announced the purchase of pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts on Thursday for somewhere north of $50 billion. Immediately, both stocks bumped upward. Express Scripts operates as the nation’s largest independent pharmacy benefits manager, which essentially negotiates prescription prices between insurance and government plans and the drug companies. The few companies in this […]

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Poll: Voters Want Healthcare Focus After Dems Win White House, Congress


Democratic pollster Civis Analytics reports that nearly a third of voters want the party to focus on healthcare should it retake Congress and the White House in the 2020 elections. The 31 percent prioritizing healthcare tops the 15 percent wanting to focus on guns, the 14 percent naming immigration as the most salient issue, and […]

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