Hunt Lawrence and Daniel J. Flynn

Hunt Lawrence is a New York-based investor. Daniel Flynn is the author of five books.

The CBO’s Fuzzy Math


The Congressional Budget Office postulates that cutting spending by almost $100 million over the next decade would increase the deficit by about $200 million over the next decade. George W. Bush called that kind of arithmetic “fuzzy math.” The CBO report released this week specifically involves cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments made by the federal government. […]

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Healthcare Solutions, Scarce in Washington, Found 10,000 Miles Away


Singapore spends less on health care than any other First World nation. Its inhabitants also rank as one of the healthiest peoples on the planet. Go figure. With polls showing just 12 percent of Americans supporting one of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s repeal-and-replace measures and even fewer wanting to keep Obamacare intact without reform, […]

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Top 10 Ways to Trim Health Care Spending by a Trillion


Ancient Egyptians, employing an arduous system of hieroglyphics to represent numbers in their ignorance of zero, displayed a man holding his hands over his head for 1,000,000 in seeming astonishment that numbers ran so high. Americans presented with our national health care bill increasing resemble that hieroglyphic. We average more than $10,000 per person this […]

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Instead of Spending $1 in 5 on Health Care, Why Not Imitate Country Spending $1 in 20?


One in every five dollars spent in the United States goes toward health-care expenses. Singaporeans spend less than one in 20. They live longer lives and report more satisfaction with their health care system. What do they do right that the United States might imitate? Singapore requires that its citizens pay into a health-care fund. This, […]

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Skyrocketing Medical Costs Evoke Pre-Reagan Taxman’s Weight on the American People


Health care snatches the same portion of our purses as income taxes did in 1981 when Ronald Reagan famously slashed rates. So why did Reagan’s party punt on legislation to alleviate the crippling burdens health-care costs put on citizens? In 1981, most Americans felt the burdens of taxation directly. Today, most Americans feel the burdens […]

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Slow Economic Growth Directly Tied to Health Care Mess


The American economy grows at an anemic rate because our hospital bills grow at an alarming rate. Last year, the U.S. economy expanded by under two percent. Over the last seven decades, gross domestic product (GDP) in the U.S. averaged 3.4 percent growth. In the 21st century, annual GDP growth met or exceeded that average […]

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Why Mitch McConnell Moved On From ‘Moving On’ on Health Care


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell not only failed to whip up enough votes to replace Obamacare last week but achieved the same negative result when he shifted to a straight-up repeal as well. He lost by forfeit without counting a single vote. The failure coming with a Republican occupying the White House, Republicans enjoying majorities […]

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Will ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Inequality’ Motivate Imminent Reforms?


Google’s Ngram, which charts the use of written words over time, tells us something profound in its display of the opposing trajectories of “inequality” and “opportunity.” As “inequality” enjoys the growing inequality between the two terms, the chance for “opportunity” shrinks. Given the chart abruptly stopping in 2008, a dreadful year that helped catalyze the […]

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