Evan Maguire

Evan Maguire is a student at American University and a Young Writers Program intern.

Venezuelan Crisis Continues


While most eyes are on Syria, Russia and even China in the realm of international conflicts and crises, a crisis is brewing to our south. Since the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013, the “socialist paradise” of Venezuela hasn’t been much of a paradise, not that it was before. Political rights have all but vanished, […]

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Life Goes on in Manchester


A month ago, terror struck an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. As concert goers were leaving the arena,  a 22-year-old Manchester-born Islamic Extremist detonated a nail bomb, killing 22 and injuring over 100. Chaos filled the scene in the following hours, as families struggled to reunite with their young children attending the pop concert. Large […]

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Terror in the Sky: ISIS Uses Drones in Their Failing Defense of Raqqa


When someone thinks of drones in relation to the War on Terror, they often think of an American Predator drone shooting a Hellfire missile through a window towards a high value terror leaders. In Raqqa, ISIS fighters are also utilizing drone technology, though far more rudimentary than a four-million-dollar Predator Drone. As ISIS forces are […]

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Et Tu Trump: Another Violent Attack on the President from the Entertainment Industry


Seeing Shakespeare in the park sounds like it could be a fun outing, one where families could sit on blankets and watch actors recite the works of one of history’s greatest writers. Or, it could be watching an imitation of President Trump getting brutally assassinated.  Sadly, The Public Theater in New York City decided to […]

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Is the End of ISIS as a Caliphate Near?


After months of planning and hesitation, US backed forces recently began an offensive on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. Raqqa was seized by ISIS militants in January of 2014, and has been in their hands ever since. For the past several months, Kurdish and Arab militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces have been attacking the […]

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Flashpoint Qatar: Saudi Arabia Severs Ties with Terror Sponsor Neighbor


Seven countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, the UAE, and the Maldives) suddenly cut diplomatic ties with Qatar Monday morning, following longstanding tensions in the Gulf Region. This action has gone beyond simply having diplomats recalled, borders have been closed, and Qatari citizens will have two weeks to leave several of the countries, including Saudi Arabia. […]

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Open Warfare on the Streets of The Philippines


At around midnight yesterday, Philippines time, the sounds of gunfire and explosions erupted at the popular Resorts World Manila. There are conflicting reports as to whether the attack was either a robbery gone bad or a terror related incident. ISIS has claimed responsibility, despite police denying terrorist involvement due to evidence on the scene. Thirty-seven […]

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Current Court Cases Relating to Islam Show a Broad Picture


After years of legal battles, the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge has finally received permission to build a mosque in the small New Jersey suburb, along with a 3.25-million-dollar settlement from the Bernards Township. According to the Justice Department, the township used coding regulations to unfairly discriminate against the society, similar to the cases that […]

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Mayor of Portland Responds to Stabbing by Attacking Free Speech


In the wake of a Portland stabbing that left two men dead, mayor Ted Wheeler is demanding that the Federal Government cancel two rallies in his city. One of the rallies is a pro-Trump free speech rally, and the other is a march against Sharia. These are both obviously causes that go against American values […]

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