E.J. Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson is an associate professor of classics at Hillsdale College.

William Tyndale, Prince of Translators


October 6 is the customary date on which the death of the Protestant martyr William Tyndale in Belgium in 1536 is commemorated, though the precise date of his death — which occurred sometime in early October, after his ruthless betrayal by Henry Phillips and sixteen months of imprisonment — is unknown. Although popular narratives of […]

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Reflections on St. Augustine


August 28 marked the 1587th anniversary of the death of Augustine of Hippo in A.D. 430. One thousand, five hundred and eighty-seven years is a long time, and, more significantly, seems long when viewed in the light of our own insistent and demanding present, dominated by a constant inundation of sensationalized news. That present often […]

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