Dov Fischer

Rabbi Dov Fischer, an attorney, adjunct professor of law, and contributing editor of The American Spectator, is a Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, congregational rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California, and holds prominent leadership roles in several national rabbinic and other Jewish organizations. He has been Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, clerked for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and served for most of the past decade on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America. His writings have appeared in the Weekly Standard, National Review, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Jerusalem Post, American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, and Israel National News. Other of his writings are collected at .


If Only Trump Haters Could Realize How Dangerously Our Democracy Is Being Threatened


Politics is cyclical. Republicans will not always hold the White House. Democrats will be back. If only they realized now the threats to our democracy that presently are being institutionalized. Threats that will endanger them and their future leaders terribly — and all of us. When “progressives” had Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt in power, […]

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The Dems Who Cried ‘Wolf!’


The President whom the Left media had been challenging for three years to “act Presidential” did it during his Oval Office address to the nation on Tuesday night, and the Democrats came back ten minutes later, crying “Wolf!” in an American Gothic that even MSNBC’s Brian Williams had to pan. The boy who cried “Wolf!” We all […]

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Acosta as Schmendrick: When Fools Rush In


You must first watch this brief one-minute video clip. You must! It is Jim Acosta, crack CNN Trump-hater, appearing in the rare venue from which no one is seeking to throw him out. He is walking along a steel-slat barrier/wall/fence/mechitzah/barricade/rampart along our southern border. As he walks, facing his trusty cameraman, he endeavors to prove that President […]

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If Senate Dems Won’t Legislate, Spend the Time Confirming Judges


Now the Democrats have announced that, if the President keeps the Government shut until Congress approves a spending bill that allocates at least $5 billion for a wall along part of our southern border, they reciprocally will refuse to participate in legislating anything in the Senate. Oh no! What will we ever do! The Senate Democrats […]

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If Democrats Honestly Cared About Border Security, They Would Not Support Sanctuary Cities


In their every press conference and interview rejecting President Trump’s call for a wall along our southern border to help prevent and protect against human trafficking of women and children, the unbridled import of opioids, and the entry of criminals and terrorists into our country, the Democrats maintain that they oppose only the Wall but […]

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Keep It Closed for Two Years


I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the 25% Government shutdown. I really am. This is the closest we ever may come to demonstrating how much of our Government is wasteful, unnecessary, duplicative, and pointless. As but one example — only from the 25% now shut down — we simply do not need […]

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And Now the Bane of the Capitol Returns With His Etch-a-Sketch Screen


Remember Bain Capital? That was part of the RINO secret formula for handing away the second half of the Wasted Obama Decade. There was this gentleman, a former GOP Massachusetts governor — elegant, urbane, and in private life actually a very decent fellow — and the only thing he did wrong was get in the way of taking back […]

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The American Way: Looking Forward to a Year of War Games


The politicians always begin every argument, every TV and radio interview, every speech with the same lie: “The American People are too smart to…” Halt the presses! Reality time: No. They. Are. Not. The American People chose to be led by Obama for a Wasted Decade. “Too smart”? Yeah, by half. Frankly, immediately before The […]

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Random Observations and Memories As 2018 Wraps Up


It is impossible to get all the 2018 memories into one article, even this double-sized (literally) long one, so this 2018 retrospective limits to one paragraph per topic and amplifies not in the text but by embedding hyperlinks to some forty or so of my TAS readers’ favorite articles from the past year and a half — not to mention the past year’s most […]

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Mad Dog Disease


And now the Left media are consumed by Canine Spongiform Encephalopathy — Mad Dog Disease. It seems that everyone at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the CBS-NBC-ABC cabal all madly love outgoing Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis. The SPCA has come to D.C. It is fascinating that these liberals, who […]

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