Dain Fitzgerald

Dain Fitzgerald, a California native, has written for Medium, Thought Catalog, the San Francisco Appeal, and most recently Rare, among other venues.

Meet the New Boss


Twenty-five-year-old bosses are the next big thing. The next big, little thing, that is. From the digital pages of Forbes, who should know something about the matter, we hear that more and more old(er) workers are reporting to young(er) bosses. Grok this: According to human resource and career consultants, older workers are reporting to younger […]

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Economists’ Advice to Grads: Don’t Even Think of Being a Cop or a Nurse


Gee, you’d never know that anything other than a trendy tech or think tank job were available to the youth of America when reading pieces like this one from Bloomberg: “Economists Offer These 10 Career Tips for Today’s Graduates.” Among such questionable advice as “go to graduate school” (expensive) and “pack up and move” (disruptive) […]

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Asian-American Leaders Are Scarce in Silicon Valley. And?


A longtime friend of mine who will go unnamed was never a great student. In high school, he “achieved” passable grades by babysitting the teachers’ kids. I kid you not. He was in band, but couldn’t play his instrument. Or at least not very well, whatever it was. But what he could play was the […]

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White-Led White Shaming


The notion of checking one’s privilege — white, male, cisgendered, and otherwise — has caught on to the point of triggering the inevitable backlash. And while the right has always scoffed at the notion as being divisive and unhelpful, even when they agree with the idea of class war (sort of), the left is beginning […]

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Study Says: You Can’t Argue With a Feminist


Another day, another “study” utterly loaded with ideological baggage somehow being defined as a carry-on; i.e. actually newsworthy. This time it hails from the innocuous-sounding PsyPost, whose editor, Eric Dolan, also heads up the very progressive Raw Story. The research, published in the feminist journal Affilia, examined attitudes toward abortion from students of both sexes […]

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Plus-Sized Paris


You’ve heard by now, haven’t you, of the new French law banning women with an unhealthy body mass index (BMI) from modeling? The legislation, backed by the country’s Socialist Party, also makes it illegal to promote anorexia online, or even manipulate a photo to render a woman ultra-thin unless the photoshopping effort is made public. […]

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Fast and Furious About Race


Talk about a “race” issue. It turns out Furious 7 — the seventh installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise (whew!) — boasts a massively non-white audience. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 75 percent of the audience for the fuel-drenched film’s opening weekend was comprised of non-white folk. This despite the main star being the […]

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Hype and Change


Vying for control of the great uninformed masses are the rabid climate change “deniers” and the level-headed scientists. The latter have the inside line on what’s really going on, in the sky above and the earth below, while the former are moved by irrational disgust aimed at limousine liberals. In this polarized and disheartening scenario, […]

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Max Blumenthal Slimes Ayaan Hirsi Ali


In an example of what progressives call “punching down,” Alternet’s Max Blumenthal — privileged son of former Bill Clinton aide and Hillary confidant Sidney Blumenthal — recently took to trashing professional Islam critic and constant target of death threats, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Claiming the 45-year-old immigrant can only fancy herself some kind of reformer when the term […]

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