Christopher DeGroot

Christopher DeGroot — essayist, poet, aphorist, and satirist — is a writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His writing appears regularly in New English Review, where he is a contributing editor, and occasionally in The Iconoclast, its daily blog. He is a columnist at Taki’s Magazine and his work has appeared in The Imaginative Conservative, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, The Unz Review, Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts, and elsewhere. You can follow him at @CEGrotius.

Understanding the True Character of Feminism


Despite having obtained equal opportunity and the liberty to live like men, many women remain unhappy. Indeed, on the whole women are perhaps unhappier than ever. As Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers put it in their 2009 essay, “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness,” measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both […]

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