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Biden’s Border Disorder and Debt Ceiling Mess
Joe Biden last week (Bloomberg Television/YouTube)

Joe Biden only major accomplishments so far have resulted in the military going woke, the country going broke, and his open border policy has made our national security a joke.

As I’ve written often (see, e.g., my column last week on Biden’s drag queen navy) our military is vastly weakened by Biden’s military “leaders” forcing wokeness into the military. It continues unabated.

With the end of the Trump era Title 42 restrictions last Thursday, a huge number of illegal aliens from all over the world are jamming entry points into the U.S. Those illegals are being bused and put on aircraft to ferry them around the country.

The dollar has been the reserve currency of choice since World War II because it has been solid and stable. It won’t be if we default. More and more nations will change to yuan reserves and the dollar will be worth much less as a result.

Nobody knows how many will now enter the U.S. About 6.3 million illegals have come into the U.S. since Biden became president. The “gotaways” — criminals, smugglers, terrorists, Chinese spies, and the like — are the ones that have evaded the Border Patrol and slipped into the country almost unnoticed. They number in excess of 500,000.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were reportedly waiting in Mexico for the end of the Title 42 restrictions. I’ve seen estimates that range from 600,000 to 1.2 million. Biden had planned to admit them all, and release a great number without them having even been given a court date on which to appear to have their claim to political asylum judged.

A federal judge enjoined that plan and said that the Justice Department’s emergency motion to delay the injunction was borderline frivolous. DOJ is reportedly appealing the ruling to the Eleventh Circuit. Before that ruling came down, the Border Patrol reportedly released at least 6,000 into the U.S. without knowing who they are.

Only about 15 percent qualify for asylum and fewer still are deported. Many or most of those deported re-enter the country.

There is chaos at the border, akin to the chaos Biden created in withdrawing from Afghanistan. When Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) compared the two, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said:

I think it’s just incorrigible to compare what we’re trying to do with safe and effective pathways coming in through the border to what happened with Afghanistan. It is not at all the same situation. And the footage that you just showed demonstrates that it’s not chaos down there at the border, at least not right now.

“Safe and effective pathways.” Not any attempt to block what can only be described as an invasion.

Cities — including the “sanctuary cities” such as New York and Chicago that proclaimed they’d welcome illegals with open arms — are now whining that they can’t handle more. But you can always count on the liberals who run our big cities to make do with what they have.

In New York the city is reportedly throwing homeless veterans out of shelters to make room for illegals. Liberals believe that someone who risked his life for our country shouldn’t be given preference over another who entered the U.S. illegally.

That would pretty much sum up the week for President Biden were it not for the debt ceiling crisis he has refused to solve.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She has taken to insisting that Congress should deal with the debt ceiling through “regular order.” She apparently doesn’t know what “regular order” means.

In “regular order” the House passes a bill, the Senate comes up with its own version (or vice versa) and the two get together to compromise, and the result is passed by both houses and sent to the president who can sign or veto it.

The House passed its bill raising the debt ceiling and including some major spending cuts in it. The Senate, which is following Biden’s (or whoever-is-in-control’s) orders, has not taken up the question. Instead, Biden has only this week begun some “negotiations” with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

And he’s not negotiating in good faith.

Biden has made cuts to much of his spending “off limits” to Republican cuts, including the massive spending on climate change nonsense that is contained in his “Inflation Reduction Act” which, of course, had nothing to do with reducing inflation. He’s also refused to cut back his student loan forgiveness program (which the Supreme Court will soon likely overrule) and other items such as Medicare cuts.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said the debt ceiling has to be raised by June 1 or the United States won’t be able to pay its debts. The Congressional Budget Office said that the debt ceiling may not be reached until July 1.

If the debt ceiling is reached and any U.S. debt goes unpaid, there will be severe effects around the country and the world.

Inflation would spike to some unknowable high. Any default would trigger a severe recession that could last for years.

Social Security checks, Medicare and Medicaid, and any other benefits couldn’t be paid, neither could salaries of government workers including the military. The stock market would suffer extreme losses and possibly crash. And there’s more.

Countries such as Argentina and Lebanon have defaulted on their debts in recent years. Ukraine has also defaulted and won’t — as a result of Russian destruction of its infrastructure — recover for years, perhaps decades. Their economies are in shambles.

Many nations have been bailed out of their debt crises by the World Bank. There will be no World Bank bailout if the U.S. defaults.

Our country’s credit ratings would be reduced. That means any further borrowing, when the debt ceiling is finally raised, would be at higher interest rates.

China has been trying to replace the dollar with its yuan as the “reserve currency” around the world. The dollar has been the reserve currency of choice since World War II because it has been solid and stable. It won’t be if we default. More and more nations will change to yuan reserves and the dollar will be worth much less as a result.

The United States has never defaulted on its debt. Biden may cause the first default. He apparently will take the negotiations to the last moment, seeing how much Republicans will buckle. They will and, in truth, they have to.

Biden and his media pals will ensure that the Republicans are blamed for the default and everything that results from it. If it actually occurs, the default will be a major campaign issue for 2024.

The only solution to the debt ceiling mess — and everything else — is for the Republicans to elect a new president, keep control of the House, and win the Senate in 2024. If they do, they can slash Biden’s reckless spending, remove “wokeness” from the military, cut inflation, and return the country to something resembling normalcy. If they don’t, our nation may never recover.

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