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More Confusion From Biden White House on Taiwan
President Joe Biden discusses Taiwan on 60 Minutes, Sept. 18, 2022 (60 Minutes/YouTube)

Despite recent calls for the United States to end its policy of “strategic ambiguity” over Taiwan, the Biden White House continues to talk out of both sides of its mouth on the issue, thereby producing not strategic clarity but confusion. On Sunday, the president on 60 Minutes stated that U.S. troops would defend Taiwan “if in fact there was an unprecedented attack.” Pressed further, Biden said that American forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.

But as the New York Post reports, the White House immediately “walked back” the president’s comments, saying that the U.S. policy of strategic ambiguity has not changed. As Ronald Reagan memorably said to Jimmy Carter during one of their 1980 debates: “There you go again.” This is now the fifth time that the White House has “walked back” the president’s seemingly unambiguous commitment to defend Taiwan if it is attacked or invaded by China.

During a visit to Japan earlier this year, during a trip to New Hampshire last November, during a CNN town hall last October, and during an interview with ABC News last August, the president stated that the U.S. would come to Taiwan’s defense. Each time, White House spokespersons reiterated that U.S. policy had not changed — in other words, the president misspoke. (READ MORE from Francis P. Sempa: Could the Battle of the Taiwan Straits Be the Trafalgar of the 21st Century?)

This is getting very dangerous. The repeated mixed signals emanating from the Biden administration over our Taiwan policy have surely caught the attention of Chinese leaders and our allies in the Indo-Pacific. Biden has replaced strategic ambiguity with strategic confusion. It is time for Congress to step into this void of confusion and to make clear to Chinese leaders that an invasion of Taiwan will result in a congressional declaration of war against China. It should not have had to come to this, but our president and his White House can’t seem to get their act together. For far too long Congress has abandoned its constitutional authority to declare war, effectively ceding that power to the president. The results have not been pretty — Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.

Strategic ambiguity served a useful purpose when China was our de facto ally during the last two decades of the Cold War. It has outlived its usefulness now that China is our peer competitor for global leadership. But instead of strategic clarity, the Biden administration’s policy of strategic confusion has only made war more likely. It’s time to end the confusion.

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