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Bernie Sanders Is a ‘Rape Culture’ All on His Own

In keeping with the way we journalists are supposed to write about sexual assault nowadays, I’m going to say in advance of the rest of this piece, these two words: trigger warning. Now, I’m not saying that in order to steel your backbone against the disgusting and potentially disturbing content I am about to deliver to you, lest you suffer mental distress; I’m saying that in order to steel your backbone against the fact that it’s all coming from Bernie Sanders, and the very thought of “Bernie Sanders” and “fantasy” in the same sentence makes my ladyparts crawl up into my intestines a little bit and it will no doubt have a similar effect on you. If you’re lucky. I assume you’ll also have night terrors.

Remember when Todd Akin waxed poetic about his understanding of gynecology, and everyone on the left went insane because clearly here was a single Republican man saying something stupid about a woman’s inner plumbing, an event which demonstrated, undoubtedly, that the entire Republican field in 2012 was loosely affiliated into some sort of He-Man Woman Haters Club, where they secretly discussed how best to shame and oppress the ladies of America, despite the fact that we are a majority of the population and no Republican has anywhere near that kind of organizational ability?

I wonder what they’re going to do when they find out that progressive Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, at one time, back in the 1970s when thinking about such things was de rigeur, had some very interesting thoughts on the subject of “what women want.”

“A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy,” wrote Sanders. “A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused.”

Sanders didn’t specify as to how he had gained such a deep understanding of the male psyche.

In terms of his understanding of female sexual fantasies, Sanders provided similar insight.

“A woman enjoys intercourse with her man—as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

Bernie Sanders is a one-man rape culture. Fortunately, MRC didn’t go into detail on how Bernie acquired his body of knowledge.

Far be it from me to tell Bernie Sanders that he can’t have deep thoughts about, well, deep thoughts — after all, we live in a free country — but, pray tell, what if Rick Santorum, who is also fond of talking about sex, had said something so ostensibly vile? Obviously, he’d be crucified, possibly literally. A broad brush would tarnish the full field, as liberal after liberal who has never experienced any form of discrimination outside of a purely academic setting, claims that they feel unsafe and oppressed by the very mention of a Republican’s name, even if it has no bearing on the Republican in question. Hair would be torn, garments would be rended, wailing and gnashing of teeth would ensue as everyone, across the nation became sure, all at once, that nothing but hard labor and forced pregnancies would be visited up on them in a Republican world.

Obviously, the same generous spirit will not be extended to Bernie Sanders, even though — and this may be the best part of the essay — Sanders claims that both of these types of fantasies come about as a reaction to modern feminism. Because women have lost touch with their feminine side, their gentleness and their innate compassion, they are confused as to how to approach the act of making love, and have as such, ruined it for everyone. Men want to be men and can’t. Women want to be women and can’t. Everyone’s unhappy, everyone is probably oppressed, and Bernie Sanders is very concerned that you’re not very concerned.

At least, I think that’s what he’s saying. He’s about as well-reasoned on this subject as he is on the subject of child hunger.

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