Tom Giovanetti
Tom Giovanetti
Tom Giovanetti is president of the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI), an independent, nonprofit, free market public policy research organization based in Dallas.
by | Oct 22, 2019

Young Americans are currently struggling to repay an enormous amount of money to the federal government in the form of federal student loan debt. And the federal government will soon be struggling to pay an enormous amount of money to…

by | Feb 28, 2015

A couple of weekends ago, when my entire family was down with illness and rain was pouring outside, the Internet was our best friend. What better to do while sick in bed than catch up on all of my Facebook…

by | Dec 9, 2014

Among the several legislative issues remaining on the plate of the 113th Congress before it ends on December 31 are several high-profile items such as the tax extenders package, renewal of the moratorium against discriminatory Internet taxes, and even continued…

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