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John Batchelor
by | Apr 20, 2006

Spoke to source in Hanoi last evening, and she reported the Communist 10th Party Congress tyros of Vietnam are most…

by | Apr 20, 2006

Spoke to Falun Dafa source at Seattle last evening, and she reported two days of most successful demonstrations at Seattle….

by | Apr 18, 2006

1. Iran’s atomic bomb-making and missile production are the direct result of ruthless and self-serving Chinese (PLA) proliferation. 1a. Following…

by | Apr 17, 2006

Regard this as a supplement to War Warning, part 4. [This is a document under construction in at least twenty-five…

by | Apr 14, 2006

1. Best signals source says that Tehran chief brain and strategist Rafsanjani is now in Damascus for a round of…

by | Apr 5, 2006

1. West Beirut Liberation (read, terror by any other name) Conference, late March, 2006. Attending was Meshal of Hamas, Nasrallah…

by | Apr 5, 2006

1. You will recall that Ahmadinejad vanished from the scene for ten days in February. Now confirmed that he spent…

by | Apr 2, 2006

Repeat: 1. Tehran believes that the US national security apparatus cannot deal with a foreign crisis in an election year….

by | Apr 2, 2006

Best signals source identifies the last week of noise in Baghdad as the turning point. Tehran plays checkmate. Also, indicates…

by | Apr 2, 2006

BBC Defence Correspondent Paul Wood said US plans for a possible strike are thought to be at an advanced stage.

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