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PLA Prolferation as War-Making: Appendix Part 4

1. Iran’s atomic bomb-making and missile production are the direct result of ruthless and self-serving Chinese (PLA) proliferation.

1a. Following the successful containment of the Chinese anarchy of the 1980s, the PLA’s concern was that it must prepare for the US response come the day the PLA moves to retake Taiwan. China’s special sense of vulnerability was that the southeast of China, the industrial heartland, is vulnerable to US air strike, including nuclear weapon airstrike.

2. After the first Gulf War, Jiang Zemin and the PLA chose a policy to create multiple hotspots for the United States targeting, since the US nuclear warchest was locked into treaty limited production. China saw that every hotspot created outside of Russia and China was one more target away from the industrial heartland of China. Therefore, the PLA decision was to turn on proliferation. The first stage of the plan began with the Benazir Bhutto visit to China in 1993, when the transfers began into the hands of A.Q. Khan. An adjacent step was to transfer weapons technology to Kim Il Jung, the old man, in North Korea.

3. The Khan proliferation is China-driven, working with technicians from North Korea and China. Benazir Bhutto passed the development teams off to Nawaz Shariff who passed them off to Mushareff. This is the germ of the so-called Arab bomb. The Pakistani test in 1998 was a demonstration to the Ummah that the bomb was available as state policy.

4. The next stage of the PLA proliferation plan was to prolferate the proliferated — hence the Pakistani transfer of nuclear weapons fuel-making technology to Iran and Iraq and Libya and Syria and Egypt and Sudan. Also the same transfer of ballistic missile technology and warhead development from North Korea to the same Ummah states. the North Korean technicians are necessary because the uranium based weapons must fit the mirved warhead of the North Korean (PLA) designs.

5. The Iran bomb making is well advanced and is supported by technicians from China, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Iran. The Chinese keep a hand in because they need to maintain bona fides with Tehran to grow the bilateral energy deals. Saudi Arabia keeps its checks avaiable because it wants to stay off the target list.

6. Best signals source ruminates that the next frontier for the PLA plan is to prolferate into Africa. The prior and well-established Libya and Egypt cooperation suggests the ambition is for sub-Sahara Africa. This stage is stalled just now because no African nation has the cash and or structure required. (Note: check Nigeria: check Sudan: check Zimbabwe: note check yellowcake from South African mines, Niger mines).

7. The Iran uranium bomb-making and mirved multi-stage missile production is protected from UN Chapter 7 by the Chinese (PLA) seat at the UNSC.

8. This is an appendix for WAR WARNING, PART 4. It is also a fresh way way to look at the manadrin class sitting with MSFT at the Gates Mansion in Seattle. WAR WARNING, PART 5, with regard the recent Rafsanjani envoy to Syria and the Gulf States, to be produced soonest.

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