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America’s Grand Mufti Party

So, let me get this straight. I was watching TV a few days ago and there was Secretary of State John Kerry excoriating Israel. Boiled down to its essentials, what Kerry said was this:

“Israel has no friends in the whole world except the USA. Israel is a tiny country surrounded by implacably hateful, murderous Arab terrorists who glorify the murders of Israeli women and children. The USA has been really, really good to Israel. We’ve helped them diplomatically. We’ve helped them with arms. We’ve been super generous.

“The Arabs show absolutely no sign of being more favorably disposed to Israel. In fact, they are growing more violent and immovable.

“So, to defend itself, Israel would like to expand its borders by a microscopic amount, an amount incalculably small of the Arab world. This, we cannot allow. No matter how many times the Arabs say they want to kill every Jew in Israel except for the women they want to rape, Israel cannot expand its borders by one inch to defend itself. And when Israel does that, the U.S. will not thwart the will of the genetically anti-Semitic world, from South America to New Zealand. The will of the world apparently is that Israel is to always be pitiful, weak, barely alive.

“So, even if Israel’s enemies show no sign at all of allowing for Israel’s existence, Israel must stay small and passive. If it doesn’t, it’s an enemy of peace and we, Mr. Obama and I, John Kerry, will humiliate Israel and weaken it in an irresistibly hostile world.”

That, again in a nutshell, is what Mr. Kerry said. So, Israel is an enemy of peace in the eyes of the Obama/Minister Farrakhan/Rev. Wright world of Jew haters. It’s an enemy of peace because it wants to survive.

Israel, by the way, is the only modern, tolerant, democratic nation in the Mideast and always has been. Never mind. It’s on Obama’s bad list for wanting to survive.

On the other hand, we have Iran, which is Obama and Kerry’s best friend. The leading world sponsor of terrorism according to the State Department. Iran. The rock solid promoter of genocide, whose leaders say their goal is not only to enslave and destroy Israel but the murder of EVERY JEW ON EARTH. They’re fine. They’re great. We’re going to let them build nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles if they do it slowly.

Not only that, but we’re giving them the right to buy 80 modern cargo and passenger jetliners from Boeing, a supposedly U.S. company. That’s right. We’re allowing Boeing — a company with hundreds of thousands of Jewish stockholders, directly and indirectly, to sell implements to move Iranian terrorists and their equipment all over the world. Israel, which only wants to live in peace, is screamed at by a guttural Kerry. Iran, a proven murderous state, is our new best friend and we sell them jetliners that can be used for war even as their leaders begin EVERY DAY’S proceedings by shouting, “Death To Israel. Death to The United States.”

Plus, of course, we pay them billions in ransom.

So this is Obama’s legacy. This is where the Democratic Party has moved.

Here’s the truth: The only real friend that Democracy has, that human rights have, that the America to which we pledge allegiance has, that Israel has, is the Conservative movement in America, in reality, the Republican Party. Without it, we’re soon back in the dark ages. No Israel and soon no America. Your grandfather’s Democrat party is gone now. Today, we have the Grand Mufti’s party.

Of course, the media ignores it and instead screams about internet hacks which exposed not an attack on our country by the Russians but an attack on one set of Democrats by another set of Democrats. This is supposed to blind us to the truth that the real Obama “legacy” is service to a radical ideology utterly at war with American values.

It is later than any dare think.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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