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Will America Grow Up?

Primary colors are the colors of children. They’re the colors of kindergarten and baby chew toys. They’re the colors of Disney cartoons. And they’re the colors of a movement of children who refuse to grow up.

The sacrament for this infantile religion is abortion. Abortion is the most childish of decisions. It is the avoidance of responsibility for previous bad choices. Abortion is revered and exalted because it serves the greater purpose which is to bolster an impossible ideology: that men and women can be the same, that sex is only for pleasure, and that children are, as Barack Obama once said, a burden.

The spirit of this religion is feelings. Its hallmark, mental instability. This has been proved out by research, but one only needs eyeballs and an iPhone to see the TikTok offerings of these folks to know something is deeply wrong in their minds.

It’s one thing when college students invade the president’s office of a far-left West Coast school and refuse to let him go to the bathroom because they want safe spaces. It’s another thing when this addled thinking infects business boardrooms, the government, and the military.

We’re seeing the results of childish cultural rot everywhere and in everything. It’s in the 8 million people who’d rather take government handouts than take one of the 10 million American jobs available.

It’s in the response to a virus that poses little risk to healthy people. Grown adults shriek at other adults about masks and vaccines. They refuse to mind their own business and they tattle like children to mommy government.

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The mother government, aka Joe Biden, has promised that Americans will be OK no matter what and suburban moms and Never Trumpers incensed by a gruff blowhard, were wooed by dulcet tones from a preternatural liar. They wanted swaddling and comfort from their government, something the government is incapable of, to fight an airborne virus mid-mutation. It was doomed to fail and nonsensical to expect any different. Still these same folks, like a childish Esau, would trade their freedom for a vaccine passport. They’re willing to trade their liberty birthright for a piece of paper.

At the root of all this is a willingness to sacrifice someone else for one’s own pleasure. Someone else dies (a baby), someone else works to take care of the adult child, someone else loses his freedom so the adult child feels comfortable. You, you, you, die and sacrifice for me, me, me.

Being pro-life rebuffs this worldview. In this one idea, that all are created equal, that this child has the right to pursue happiness, that the vulnerable must be protected, that a child is worth the sacrifice, stands in opposition to selfishness. In protecting an innocent child, the adults, even the teens, grow up. They take responsibility for their choices made in freedom and they accept the consequences for an adult decision.

In today’s world, personal responsibility sounds old-fashioned. Adults know, though, that freedom is impossible without it. With the freedom to make choices, consequences of those choices result. When people abuse that freedom, they invite external regulation.

The strange thing now is that the irresponsible want to regulate and impinge on the rights of the responsible. Business owners, homeowners who rent, taxpayers, families, church-goers, and anyone who resists the reach of the suffocating mother government are cast as villains in this modern tableau. Mommy wants to keep her children reliant and needy. Otherwise, what’s her purpose?

Meanwhile, those who burn, loot, murder, riot, and intimidate are portrayed as modern-day heroes. In reality, they are lost, angry, confused, overgrown toddlers throwing dangerous and expensive tantrums. Children.

Only a fabulously rich country blessed with peace for decades could be so decadent. The Antifa violence-bringers are well-dressed, wealthy, and privileged. They carry their sophisticated equipment while they maraud — utterly hypocritical and unaware.

Only an indolent island nation led by self-dealing elites could leave her own citizens behind in a terrorist country that they themselves armed. Billions in taxpayer money gone in an instant to help her enemies. These are the actions of people who believe they are untouchable. These are the actions of people who have lied to themselves and believe because they don’t pay them, there are no consequences.

There are always consequences.

Murdering an unborn child scars the soul. Abandoning commitments scars a nation. A woman lies to herself believing that in “getting rid of the problem” she’s evaded the consequences. Not so. She has been lied to and she learns that she’ll live with the decision for the rest of her life no matter how hard she tries to numb herself or ignore it.

This irresponsibility and the childish people who create the culture will consume itself. It is consuming itself.

Somebody must work, do, build, grow and sustain what’s come before to have something for the future. What happens when a majority just doesn’t care enough to save themselves?

A nation who has killed her babies has become a nation of infants wanting the government to care for them.

Abortion is murder and it’s also social suicide. America, like China, like Europe, and like India, will bitterly regret destroying its future. It will be impossible to sustain the present. More than that, though, abortion breeds a disregard for not just the life of a child but all life. The child, or anything that gets in the way of pleasure and self-fulfillment, is an enemy to be destroyed.

To America’s credit, her citizens have been horrified by the Biden administration’s actions in Afghanistan. The Biden administration figures these folks will forget by midterms and certainly by the next presidential election. It’s possible the cynics in Biden’s administration are right.

Oh, the irony! A nation who has killed her babies has become a nation of infants wanting the government to care for them. Their leaders treat the dependent with scorn and abandon their commitments with impunity, for who will stop them?

Hopefully, Americans reject this continuing infantilization and choose, instead, to grow up. Freedom depends upon responsible adults making wise choices. It depends on being willing to sacrifice fleeting desires, their time, and their treasure, for long-term ideals like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s hope Americans wake up to the blessings they enjoy and do more to keep them.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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