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Ambassador Huckabee Opens the New American Embassy in Jerusalem

“I had a dream.” That’s right, Lionel Ritchie had a dream, too, and so did I. Mine probably wasn’t as sexy and glamorous as Mr. Ritchie’s or Mr. King’s, because, of all people, it involved Mike Huckabee. Yes, I might be the only man, or woman, in the world who has had a dream about Mr. Huckabee, but there you have it, I heart Mike Huckabee, and yes, “I had an awesome dream.”

It involved Mr. Huckabee boarding an El Al flight, first class of course. He is, after all (at least in my dream), the new U.S. Ambassador to Israel. He was welcoming people as they boarded with “Shalom.” For some reason I can imagine him as a greeter at any superstore if politics hadn’t worked out for him. I imagine him sitting, for the better part of the 11-hour journey, with that grin of his, though that may be my grin; after all, it was my dream.

As the plane lands in Ben Gurion, Mr. Huckabee, grin in tow, is saying Shalom again (it means goodbye, too) to all those he passes. As he finds his ride he is, of course, hugging the unsuspecting limo driver with Shalom. As they drive away, the driver puts the Knesset in his Waze; oh, that’s right, all you BDS people, guess who invented that, too — the Israelis. Have fun getting to your next protest using the TOMTOM. That wasn’t part of my dream, and I digress. Mr. Huckabee kindly asks the driver if they can make a quick sidestop. “Where to?” the driver asks. Mr. Huckabee responds “Home Depot, sir.”

As they walk into Home Depot there are more Shalom greetings. By now, the driver is a bit curious. He’s had to make many an off-program stop. But why Home Depot? His passenger is from Arkansas and does he not leave home without a hammer? “Why is he buying so much wood?” the driver asks himself. “And nails and, yes, a hammer? Must be an Arkansas thing.” Of course, as they leave with Shalom to all, off to the Knesset they go.

As Mr. Huckabee sits in the back seat, grin in tow, the Knesset comes into view, and the grin gets bigger. They now have a bit of a time constraint, because following this, they must go to the U.S Embassy. As they get inside the Knesset, wood and all, they are greeted with many Shaloms. A handshake from Bibi isn’t nearly enough for this Razorback. He looks Bibi in the eye, opens his arms and hugs him like we know Mr. Huckabee can. He then gently whispers in Bibi’s ear, “In the name of all those murdered, your brother included, do what you need to do, no wink, wink, just get it done.”

After the lunch and all that jazz, many Shaloms of course, it’s time to head to the U.S Embassy. As they walk outside, Bibi notices Ambassador Huckabee’s bags and asks what’s with all the wood. The ambassador and best friend of Israel says with tears in his eyes, it is time to build the new embassy. Shalom also means peace, and to quote Golda Meir, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than hate us.” So, “Let’s build it baby,” the ambassador says. I’m often asked by my Orthodox Jewish, 99 percent Republican friends, do the Christians know how grateful we are for their support of Israel? I’m not sure, is my response, but now you know many of us are.

Call it a dream or call it a fantasy. We all have people we want President-elect Trump to appoint, for our own specific and selfish and not so selfish reasons. I don’t have kids, so I don’t know the difference between Common Core and common sense. I have no idea what HUD does, though I do recall it was a pretty good movie. Mr. Carson and the president-elect probably don’t know either. I am happy with Mr. Sessions, and I care greatly about immigration and love anyone running our defense called “mad dog.” America first always, but Israel is Israel to me. So call it a fantasy or call it a dream. I heart Mike Huckabee, and I pray I can Dreamscape this to the president-elect, and yes, “I had an awesome dream.”

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