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Alan Grayson Will Run for Senate in Florida

That headline should probably read, “Former Rep. Alan Grayson to Run for Senate in Florida Because This is the Best Day Ever, Sorry Democrats.”

Dems have been working hard to find an acceptable replacement for Sen. Marco Rubio, who is vacating his seat to run for President. It’s not very easy since, after all, the Florida Dems live in Florida, where people get high on bath salts and eat other people’s faces, and dudes walk around Miami Beach wearing living snakes as accessories. The last thing they needed was noted crazypants former Rep. Alan Grayson to challenge their hand-picked candidate. 

But yet, here we are

Next year’s Florida Senate primary between Reps. Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy will test whether Sunshine State Democrats are ready to embrace a deep-blue liberal.

The contrasts between the two are stark: Grayson is a progressive, hip-shooting firebrand beloved by hardcore liberals; Murphy is a cautious, scripted candidate favored by the Democratic establishment in Washington and Tallahassee. The two Florida congressmen show little admiration for each other, which could presage a brutal and big-spending primary — beginning on Thursday when Grayson officially enters the race to replace Sen. Marco Rubio, who is forgoing a second term to run for president.

Calling him a “deep-blue liberal” is being generous, mostly because it implies that Alan Grayson has a method behind his madness. He is ardently progressive – he once explained his opposition to the Bush Administration as being the result of seeing blood dripping from Dick Cheney’s teeth as he talked – and he certain holds progressive viewpoints – he once accused Republicans of beliving the best approach to a nationalized healthcare system was encouraging people to “die quickly” – but he’s more eccentric than POLITICO’s profile would have you believe. 

That’s all well and good when his delusions of grandeur and possible maniac paranoid are turned on Republicans. Its an entirely different story when the target is another Democrat. Alan Grayson will literally say and do anything to win a race. And if that means accusing his opposition of being an orc in a human suit, he’ll do that. After all, this is the man that inspired the website,

Oh, mannnn, I hope there’s a debate.

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