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About Those Trump Supporters

For years, millions of Americans have been held hostage by the leftist liberal and media platforms. Living in the shadows of society as they watched their incomes flat line, and factories and professions shut down. They have been mocked for their faiths and ridiculed for their beliefs, constantly being told that’s what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Pushed so hard, they collectively screamed: “We are mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”

So, on that fateful November 8th, Americans didn’t necessarily vote for a president, as much as they voted for the man who rescued them from captivity. The media, the polls, or whatever metric these political “savants” use will never understand the loyalty Trump supporters have to their rescuer. How could they? They don’t realize that they have been the hostage takers.

We’ve seen decades of Americans being told how to think, what they can say, and what they should or shouldn’t value. Noncompliance, for many, meant loss of jobs along with copious amounts of ridicule. They have had to endure watching celebrities railing against Second Amendment rights, while the celebs themselves are protected by the Second Amendment. Seeing those who espouse hatred of capitalism, while getting rich from their hatred, reveals hypocrisy on levels never seen. Promised a bill of goods, they quickly learned those goods were a third of their value if not absolutely worthless.

So, the media is correct: Trump supporters just don’t give a damn, and why the hell should they. They are free. Does the media really think that a meeting is going to bother them? The President’s middle name could be Joseph, and Joseph would soon become a very popular “baby” name. It’s not that the President “could shoot someone” as of course he was joking about, it’s that the left, and the media, and, sadly, the never-Trumpers have been revealed to be frauds of the lowest esteem. They have been systematically destroying, and figuratively shooting, and decimating values and beliefs, for which actual wars have been fought.

Label, brand, poll, brow beat and scoff at the Trump supporter, but you can’t anymore, can you? It’s like punishing an addict. How exactly can you punish someone who is doing the ultimate punishment to himself? The funny thing is, you have no idea, either, who the Trump supporter is. Yes, it’s a wild rag tag group of people. They come in all shapes, genders, sizes, and religions, or whatever category the left has neatly used to separate us as a society.

So, yes, Trump supporters don’t give a damn about a meeting, a tweet, or whatever the hell else it is you have convinced yourselves should matter to the rest of us. But they do care. They care about God, their families, communities, and their livelihoods. They care about all of the people being killed in America. They care about the devastations of the opioid epidemic, and all real things that plague, what they consider to be, the greatest country endowed by the Almighty. Perhaps, the biggest value they care about is their freedom, the thing you stole from them, and the biggest thing the President has given them back.

You will never get the Trump supporter, but the Trump supporter does get you. They all see right through the empty shell that so many of you are. They see you fighting for a floundering belief system, fighting to remain relevant, fighting to continue to keep the shackles on all those you tormented — that must really frighten you. Well, I’ve got some bad news for you: it is no longer working. Millions of Americans are now free, or freedom is in their sights, and they chose the man who helped them escape. To Trump supporters, “freedom’s not just another word,” it’s the only word, and they are sticking with the man who is keeping his promise to give it to them.

Go figure!

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