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A Major Moment of Presidential Statesmanship

As Rick told Ilsa, they’ll always have Paris. But the global warming hysterics won’t, thanks to the wonderfully devastating action taken by President Donald Trump last week.

As promised in his campaign, Trump announced America would call it quits with Obama’s 2016 signing of the Paris agreement on “climate change.”

Condemnations of the president came thick and fast, as hard-core liberals around the world kicked off an Orwellian “Two Minutes of Hate” aimed at Trump that has, so far, lasted for four days. German newspaper headlines were of the “Earth to Trump: F*** You” variety, and a gaggle of pols and pundits proclaimed Trump’s action to be the end of American leadership in the world.

But Trump’s cancellation of the deal was precisely the opposite. It was a major act of leadership that told the rest of the world that global warming — if it even exists — is a far lower priority to America than the other problems that beset the civilized world.

Former President Obama told us that “climate change” was the greatest threat to our national security. Obama preached that message to the EUnuch choir and was roundly praised for it. Mr. Trump is being condemned for reminding the world that there are real existential problems that we have to solve instead of wasting time on such globaloney. The EUnuchs would rather hide from their responsibilities and worry about “climate change” than face the facts of Islamic terrorism, Russian aggression, North Korean and Iranian nukes and the rest.

Think about the context of Trump’s action. Man-made “climate change,” first of all, is a myth. Earth’s temperatures shift naturally — dependent on many things such as the sun’s activity — and the warming trend that existed briefly and ended somewhere between 1986 and 1990. (Remember, please, that the term “climate change” was created instantly to replace “global warming” when it became undeniable that “global warming” wasn’t happening.) All the predictions of an environmental apocalypse are based on computer models of the weather that are neither scientifically proven nor scientifically provable.

The Paris agreement set a long-term goal of liming Earth’s temperatures to below 2 degrees Centigrade above pre-industrial (1850s) levels. The signing nations agreed to do that by establishing their own carbon emission rates aimed at cooling the Earth to reach those levels. But there was no enforcement mechanism. Any nation could set a goal and then change it at will.

Abiding by the agreement would have prevented the development of American oil and gas resources, raised the costs of generating electricity enormously, cost thousands of jobs and strangled our economic growth.

Trump’s cancellation of the agreement will, like the agreement itself, have no effect on “climate change.” On Friday, the U.N. World Meteorological Organization said in the worst case scenario, America’s exit from the Paris agreement might cause the world’s temperatures to rise by 0.3 degrees Centigrade by the year 2100. That tiny drift in temperature is apparently enough to melt all the eco-whacko snowflakes.

For decades, eco-pimps such as Al Gore have blamed all the world’s ills on “climate change.” It is supposedly responsible for floods, hurricanes, famine and disease. And so it went, on and on. When the weather was too hot, it was the result of “climate change.” So were unexpectedly heavy snowfalls, plunging temperatures, riots, famine and whatever other plagues occurred. Good weather was irrelevant, but any severe weather — whatever it might be — was “proof” of climate change. It’s fun what you can do with computer models when they’re programmed to produce the result you want.

John Kerry told us that refrigerators and air conditioners were more dangerous than ISIS. Last year, crazy ol’ Bernie Sanders said“climate change” causes terrorism. He wasn’t alone in doing so, but Bernie took it one step further. He blamed “climate change” for the Brits passing the Brexit referendum.

Man-made “climate change” has done no significant damage to anyone or anything, but the eager pursuit of controlling it has wasted tons of money and created extraordinarily stupid policies.

Remember Solyndra? The company, a favorite of Obama (because its owners raised tons of campaign money for him), tried to market solar panels that produce electricity, its efforts funded by taxpayer-guaranteed loans. It went bust, like so many of those companies did, because there’s no market for high-priced, weather-dependent electricity. Solyndra left us stuck with about $535 million in bad loans.

Ray Mabus, Obama’s last (and the worst-ever) secretary of the Navy, decided to buy “biofuels” at about $250 per gallon instead of diesel, which cost about $5 per gallon. In 2014, Obama’s idiot Secretary of Defense Chuckie Hagel issued a “Climate Change Roadmap” which, among other things, required every operational plan to make accommodation to “climate change.”

That directive — N.B. Secretary Mattis — may still be in effect. It would have a lot of absurd effects that could cost lives. For example, if the Marines — America’s “kick the door in” force — need to storm a beach, they’d first have to get permission from the beach erosion experts. If you doubt that, as Casey Stengel would have said, you could look it up.

By canceling America’s signature to the Paris agreement, Trump took all that away. He told the world — allies and enemies both — that we were going to deal with the real problems with real solutions instead of sitting in a corner with the EUnuchs, sucking our thumbs and whining that “climate change” — not terrorism, North Korea, Iran, China or Russia — was the greatest threat we face.

Cutting carbon emissions won’t end terrorism: Unlimited war against the terrorists and the ideology that propels them will. “Climate change” solutions won’t cure cancer; medical research will. That was Trump’s implicit message. He should make it explicit right away in a major speech.

President Trump could take the action he did, because the Paris agreement was nothing more than a paper agreed to by Barack Obama. It wasn’t — like so many other agreements Obama signed — submitted to the Senate for its advice and consent. The Constitution requires a supermajority of the Senate — two thirds of the members, at least 66 votes — for a treaty to become U.S. law. If a presidential agreement is approved in that manner, it becomes a part of the “supreme law of the land,” as the case law says, equal in stature to a congressionally enacted law, and subordinate only to the Constitution itself.

Because the Paris agreement on climate change wasn’t submitted for Senate approval, it remains subject to actions like the one the president took. The EUnuchs have refused to renegotiate it, so the president’s announced exit from it is final.

The president needs to do the same for Obama’s Iranian nuclear weapons deal. Like the Paris “climate change” agreement, the Iranian deal was never approved by the Senate and is, likewise, not a part of American law and is revocable at any time. The Iranians have already refused to negotiate it. Having warmed up on the global warming deal, Trump should tell the Iranians that the deal is off.

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