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A** Kicker in Chief

Obama says he needs to talk to “experts” so he “knows whose a** to kick.” We’re no experts on a** kicking, but we are happy to give Barack a list if he really intends to kick some deserving derriere.

A** Kicker-in-Chief
By Asher Embry

If O is really looking for posteriors to kick
We’ve got an ample list of worthy candidates we’d pick.

There’s Sec. Napolitano, for too many flaws to list;
The dolts O duped with Stimulus, especially Charlie Crist.
That mothball, Harry Reid, who called us “evil-mongers” once;
And Alan Grayson for this simple reason: he’s a dunce.

Putin and Medvedev who convinced Obama why
It’s fine if O just trusts them, there’s no need to verify.
Kim, and all his relatives, because they’re clearly nuts;
Alan Grayson (yet again) for being such a putz.

Those who say Tea Party members all hold racist views
(Sadly, that is everyone involved in mainstream news).
That creepy Joe McGinnis who’s a boor, unparalleled
(Not since Humbert Humbert has a writer so repelled).

Congressmen who fear deployed Marines might “capsize” Guam.
Staffers trading votes and jobs, like Valerie and Rahm.
Our “brave” Attorney General who just never gets it right.
Pelosi, ultrapartisan, whose brow is frozen tight.

Anyone who still says: O must clean up Bush’s mess.
Libs who think: if we ask nice, then terrorists confess.
All who seek approval from “the World Community.”
Beatles taking cheap shots at our ex-Prez, 43.

O’s writers who make straw men up each time Obama speaks.
The traitors who provide our secret tapes to WikiLeaks.
House and Senate members who refuse to hold town halls.
Immigration “experts” for not building border walls.

Financial rule “reformers” still excluding Fannie Mae.
“Fiscal hawks” like Blue Dogs who keep spending anyway.
Reuters photo editors who whitewash blood and knives
Pols and stars and golfers who are cheating on their wives.

AARP and AMA, Obama’s favorite shills.
Each Senator and Congressman who hasn’t read the Bills.
Democrats who stood and cheered and took Felipe’s side
(If they’d read 1070 they’d know that Calderon had lied).

Awlaki and bin Laden causing terror, spewing hate;
We hope a backside kick alone will hardly be their fate.
The Mullahs, still intending to construct a fissile bomb,
Who already are planning for a modern-day pogrom.

So many other weasels who we really ought to name;
If ever O kicked all their butts, he’d quickly wind up lame.

(You can read more of Asher Embry’s Political Verse at www.politicalverse.com.)


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