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Judge Southwick’s nomination to the Fifth Circuit may be up for a vote today. Rudy and Thompson to their credit have spoken or written in support.
Rudy: “I made these twelve commitments to the American people … These are the commitments that I make, the things that I believe need to be done in this country so the United States can be a country that’s strong and secure, but also one that continues to grow and continues to be prosperous and ends up fulfilling what the promise of America is. … One of them is to reform the legal system, it’s number nine on this list. ‘To reform the legal system and appoint strict constructionist judges.’ There’s a judge right now before the United States Senate who would really fit that example. His name is Judge Leslie Southwick. He’s up for appointment in the Fifth Circuit. He’s already been a judge, he’s been in the military, served his country in Iraq, and he would be a kind of strict constructionist judge that I would appoint. And I really hope the Senate goes ahead and confirms him as they should, because what do I mean by a strict constructionist judge? It’s a judge who tries to figure out the meaning of the Constitution or the laws and doesn’t make them up himself or herself, someone who realizes a judge is there to interpret.”
Thompson: “It’s hard to believe that Democrats in the Senate would expend this much negative energy against one man, but apparently they think Judge Leslie Southwick is important enough for them to do so. In case you’ve missed it, Judge Southwick was nominated for a long-standing vacancy on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit by President Bush, was blocked by Democrats, finally voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this summer, and has been waiting for full Senate confirmation for several months. His nomination may come before the full Senate later this week. . . Democrats have been playing this game going all the way back to the days of their attacks on Judge Robert Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas. Senate Democrats simply can’t stand judges who do right by the Constitution and ignore their political causes of the moment. So perversely, Judge Southwick should be honored by the attention Democrats are giving him. . . .Judge Southwick is qualified and ready to serve. Republicans should do all they can to get him confirmed. “
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