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Thompson on Immigration
Fred Thompson’s campaign tells us he will be rolling out an immigration plan. Included will be a measure to strip sanctuary cities of funding, a point he raised in going after Romney and Rudy last week. Absent is any mention of abolishing birthright citizenship which did not go over well in Florida. Romney has spoken extensively on immigration but has not yet rolled out a detailed plan as he has on taxes and healthcare. Rudy unveiled his immigration commitment this summer. This is further evidence that Thompson is getting more specific on policy.
UPDATE: Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden, ever quick on the draw, responds: “Fred is a couple of months behind on this issue. Governor Romney first proposed cutting aid to sanctuary cities back in August. He’s copying a very strong proposal by Governor Romney, but he’s still copying nonetheless.”
UPDATE 2: Katie Levinson, Rudy Communications Director is not to be outdone and asks: “Where was Fred Thompson when he had the chance to tackle illegal immigration and fix a broken system? He was voting against $1 billion to combat illegal immigration at the borders, against stricter employment verification and for giving illegal immigrants more benefits than we give legal immigrants. That’s not consistent or Conservative.” Team Rudy includes this:

“As A Senator Thompson Opposed Stricter Employment Verification System

Thompson Voted Against Establishing Office Within INS To Enforce Employer Sanctions Against Businesses That Employ Illegals. (S. 1664, CQ Vote #99: Rejected 26-74: R 2-51; D 24-23; I 0-0, 5/1/96, Thompson Voted Nay)

Thompson Voted Against Requiring Development Of National Employment Verification System. (S. 1664, CQ Vote #101: Motion agreed to 54-46: R 20-33; D 34-13; I 0-0, 5/1/96, Thompson Voted Nay)

Thompson Opposed Employment Verification Program Because He Did Not Believe Employer Sanctions Worked To Hiring Illegals. “However, there are some aspects of the legislation which I hope are removed in a Senate House conference. Creation of a pilot program to verify employment status is one. Employer sanctions have never fully prevented the hiring of illegal aliens. I am concerned about the accuracy of any databank created to determine whether a worker is in the country legal by.” (Sen. Fred Thompson, “Proposed Law Would Help Stem Illegal Immigration,” Press Release, 5/6/96)

Thompson Voted Against Increased Funding To Combat Illegal Immigration And Missed Vote On Increased Border Patrols

Thompson Voted Against Amendment That Would Provide $1 Billion To Combat Illegal Immigration. (S. Con. Res. 13, CQ Vote #204: Rejected 31-68: R 1-53; D 30-15, 05/25/95, Thompson Voted Nay)

Thompson Missed Vote On Motion To Invoke Cloture On Amendment That Would Curb Illegal Immigration By Increased Border Patrols, Preventing Illegal Aliens From Finding Jobs And Restrict Benefits For Legal And Illegal Aliens. (S. 1664, CQ Vote #90: Motion Agreed To 91-0: R 46-0; D 45-0, 04/29/96, Thompson Voted )

Thompson Voted To Give Illegals More Benefits Than Legal Immigrants

Thompson Voted To Give Illegal Immigrants More Access Than Legal Immigrants To Emergency Medical Care, Prenatal And Postpartum Services And Immunization Assistance. (S. 1664, CQ Vote #106: Rejected 40-60: R 7-46; D 33-14; I 0-0, 5/2/96, Thompson Voted Nay; U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee, “Illegal Immigration/Deeming And Legal-Illegal Aliens,” 5/2/96)

Thompson Opposed Removing Illegal Immigrants Living In United States

In 2006, Thompson Said Driving 12 Million Illegals Underground Was “Not A Good Solution” And Kicking All Illegal Immigrants Out Was “Not Going To Happen.” Thompson: “Tough problem. But, you know, because we allowed ourselves to wait until we woke up one day and found 12 million illegals here, there’s no easy solution. And I think that you have to realize that you’re either going to drive 12 million people underground permanently, which is not a good solution. You’re going to get them all together and get them out of the country, which is not going to happen.” (Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes,” 4/3/06)”

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