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Re: Romney At Club for Growth

Romney did not attend Club for Growth in person but (as he did before the NRA) made an appearance via video. His campaign released excerpts. He of course mentioned the line item veto, saying "I should also note that perhaps the best way to get our spending down was to be able to use the line-item veto.  I used that 844 times as Governor of Massachusetts.  I'm glad I had it." He spoke in favor of the Bush tax cuts, abolishing the death tax and reducing in the corporate tax, remarking that: "it's never popular to talk about lowering corporate taxes.  But when corporations have more money, they're able to invest in the future.  And when corporations look at America, and they see that we have the highest tax rates in the industrial world, right next to Japan – either we're the highest of they're the highest – corporations are going to increasingly establish enterprises and enterprise elsewhere.  Now you, of course, know what Ireland did – Ireland was the basket case in Europe – lowered its taxes  It's now attracted all sorts of jobs, and is now booming." He also touted his tax free savings plan for those earning $200K or less. Apparently he didn't mention his opponents by name but he did warn against Hillary's " tax and spending policies." He also spoke in favor of tort reform, at least in broad strokes: "And you recognize that, well perhaps a nation like ours will lead the rest of the world forever only if we have a technological, innovative lead.  A big nation will pass us unless we're always at the forefront.  And last year, America's corporations spent more money on tort claims than they spent on research and development.  That's wrong.  We have got to rein in excessive tort awards." Since he was not there in person he did not have to field questions. ( In Romney's case this is a missed opportunity –the strongest part of his RJC appearance yesterday I think was the Q and A where he seemed to come alive.) Romney was in Iowa today, a clear indication that he has his eye on the target. His campaign simply cannot go forward without a solid win there.

CORRECTION: Romney did field questions as reported here. Unfortunately he apparently praised No Child Left Behind and spoke in favor of a national weekend training program for parents of children in schools that rank in the bottom 10%. Now for a guy trying to live down government intervention in healthcare in Massachusetts I think this is one bad idea. And a NATIONAL plan? I suppose Republicans have learned little in the last 6 years if they go for that.

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