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Thompson At Club for Growth
Fred Thompson released this excerpt from his speech: “There has been no greater friend to the American taxpayer than Fred Thompson, and there will be no greater friend than a Fred Thompson Administration. I ran as a consistent, tax-cutting, small government conservative. I supported all three major tax cuts put before me in the Senate. As Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee, I sought to save the American taxpayer $20 billion in wasteful spending. The Bush tax cuts must be made permanent, and we must cut government spending. I am the only consistent, pro-growth conservative in the race. While I was fighting for tax cuts in Congress, others were opposing tax cuts in New York state. Others were claiming not to be raising taxes but were instead raising every state-mandated fee and imposing ‘hidden taxes’ on unsuspecting taxpayers. While others were repudiating Reagan-Bush tax policies, I was fighting for them.”
Katie Levinson from Team Rudy shot back: “In the real New York City – not the one on TV – Rudy Giuliani cut taxes 23 times. But, why let the facts get in the way of a good script?” No word from the Romney folks yet but it’s still early.
The Club for Growth White Papers on the top contenders’ records are extremely instructive and can be found here.
UPDATE: Oh yes, this in from Kevin Madden at Romney camp: “Republican voters want a leader with experience and a record of balancing budgets and lowering taxes. Republicans want a nominee who knows how to implement pro-growth economic policies and lead America forward in the new era of a global economy. Governor Romney has the experience and a proven record of accomplishment. Other candidates have never even so much as managed a corner store or large organization, never mind balanced a budget.”
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