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One Last “Catholic” Note

It is worth noting that some of my Democratic friends from Louisiana, to their credit, are equally appalled by the anti-Jindal ad. As well they should be. Sen. Mary Landrieu, somewhat of a moderate/split-the-difference pol on “pro-life” issues, faced fellow Catholic Suzie Terrell in 2002. Terrell, a Republican, had once been at least as far to the “choice” side as Landrieu is, but made a big show of being firmly pro-life in 2002 (and denied that she ever had been anything but — which was false, by the way: Suzie has long been at least somewhat of a friendly acquaintance of mine, and I remember her as being clearly “pro-choice,” at least by LA GOP standards). Anyway, Suzie kept going after Mary on the issue, and one time (I think it was on Meet the Press) she went so far as to say to Landrieu that “I’m a better Catholic than you are.” It was the sort of comment that has no place in a political campaign. It was despicable. And Mary Landrieu quite rightly took offense at it.

The difference was that Suzie blurted that out in the heat of a debate where both women were really going at it in harsh tones, and it wasn’t a deliberate appeal to bigotry AGAINST a religion. The state Demo ad against Jindal was a cold, calculated, paid advertisement that clearly tried to foment anti-Catholic feeling. If despicableness can have degrees, then the Demo ad is more despicable than the idiotic statement by Suzie Terrell. But having seen their own Sen. Landrieu be victimized by a religiously based attack, the poohbahs at the state party should be even less inclined to sink to that same sort of game.

The party of Mary Landrieu and John Breaux should not sink to those depths. The problem is that so many New Lefties are running around these days, even the LA Democratic Party may not any longer be the party of relative centrists (and basically decent people) like Landrieu and Breaux.

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