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Shooting the Messenger

The lefty blogosphere is atwitter over the latest addition to Max Blumenthal’s repugnant oeuvre:

In an effort to undermine a New Republic article by Army Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp about alleged inappropriate conduct by U.S. troops in Iraq, an article by Weekly Standard reporter Matthew [sic] Goldfarb relied on Marine Cpl. Matt Sanchez as the only military source identified by name but did not reveal facts that weigh on the credibility of Sanchez’s attacks on The New Republic article…

The “facts” that Blumenthal brings up do not, in fact, undermine Sanchez’s credibility one whit.

Blumenthal’s more serious charge is a suggestion that Sanchez is guilty of financial impropriety. He cites a Marine Corps Times article as evidence of an investigation into allegations that Sanchez “bilked private donors out of $12,000 for a deployment to Iraq he never made.” Blumenthal writes:

The article stated that “[t]he Corps on Friday [March 29] was slated to wrap up” the Sanchez investigation, but Media Matters has been unable to locate any articles reporting whether the investigation did indeed wrap up, and if so, what the results of the investigation were.

This may come as a surprise in the Media Matters office, but you can actually do things with your computer other than search Google and Lexis; there’s also this thing called “email.” It didn’t take long for me to get a reply from Matt Sanchez: “They tabled the investigation.”

There was no “deployment to Iraq he never made”; Sanchez explains that what the quote referred to was the stint as an embedded member of the media that he’s now on. U-Haul had offered to sponsor Sanchez’s trip in exchange for publicity. I’ll let Sanchez tell the rest:

The veterans group is a group I had volunteered to run publicity for. The leader, Pat Gaultieri has since been embroiled in a bit of a financial scandal himself.

The[y] claim I asked for $300.00. After the events at CPAC, the veteran’s group wanted to distance themselves so they filed this complaint. U-Haul, according to an insider there, said they were bombarded with complaints due to my association with Ann Coulter and her faggot comment. So, they backed out of funding this current trip.

Long story short, when publicity became intense, I really saw who my friends are.

Which brings us to the aforementioned “events at CPAC.”

During CPAC — thanks in part to Blumenthal — Sanchez, who was receiving an award, was outed as having once been an escort and a gay porn actor. He responded at Salon with a frank discussion of his past and an explanation of how and why he left it behind him. At the time I posted in this space about how impressed I was with how he handled this. As far as I’m concerned, the episode enhances Sanchez’s credibility.

I’ll leave it to others to speculate as to why allegedly tolerant lefties keep bringing up Sanchez’s past as if it somehow makes him tainted forever. But I think it’s fair to say that smearing someone as a criminal without checking out the background on the allegations is pretty despicable.

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